Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 37 - Time to Stock Up!!!!

I hope everyone bought this Sunday's paper because there are phenomenal coupons in it!  I bought my 10 at the Dollar Tree on Saturday (yes for $1, and yes on Saturday).  Lots of stores still have the Sunday paper until Wednesday now, so you still have time to snag a few if you haven't already.  So, in this paper is a $10/$50 grocery purchase Target coupon, which can be used at my Publix.  Unfortunately, I got to checkout and my Publix no longer accepts these coupons for the full value!!!  They did however adjust it down to $5, honoring the competitive coupon policy.  So, at the last minute I put back the ground chuck I had snagged as my "freebie" and I have to say that I am still quite content with my haul.  In fact it makes me kind of giggle that my freezer is now stocked with veggies AND I was able to get a jump on my homeless donation.  Here's the breakdown:

1 Motts Wild Grape Juice - $2.87 BOGO.  I paid $.44.
I used the $1/1 Motts printable.

7 Sundown Naturals 50mg B-6 150 count - $3.59 each.  I paid $-9.87!!!
I used 7 of the $3/1 Sundown Natural 120ct or larger Publix coupons from Purple Advantage flyer AND 7 of the $2/1 Sundown Naturals from 4/13 RP insert.  Any vitamin under $5 AND 120 ct or larger will be a MM!)

2 Domino Sugar - $1.99 each.  I paid $1.19 each, or $2.38 for both.
I used 2 of the $.40/1 Domino sugar (which doubled to $.80) from 4/6 RP insert.

1 Colgate Toothpaste - $1.95 BOGO.  I paid $-.02!!!
I used 1 of the $.50/1 Colgate toothpaste (which doubled to $1) from 4/13 SS insert.  I am definitely picking up more of these tomorrow before the ad ends!

6 Hormel Completes Breakfast Bowls - 2/$2.69.  I paid $.69 for 2, or 2.07 for all 6.
I used 6 of the $1/1 Hormel Completes Breakfst bowls from 4/6 SS insert.  My husband wanted these to put in his desk at work.

10 Birds Eye Steamfresh - $2.59 BOGO.  I paid $.59 for 2, or $2.95 for all 10.
I used 10 of the $.50/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh (which doubled to $1) from 4/13 SS insert.

10 Birds Eye Recipe Ready - $2.59 BOGO.  I paid $.59 for 2, or $2.95 for all 10.
I used 10 of the $1/1 Birds Eye Recipe Ready from 4/13 SS insert.

1 Fresh Green Beans - $1.15.  No coupons used.

10 Dole Pineapple - $1.39 BOGO.  I paid $.39 for 2, or $1.95 for all 10.
I used 5 of the $.50/2 Dole Canned Fruit from 4/6 SS insert.  These are for the homeless.

2 Cucumbers - 2/$1.49.  No coupons used.
Not pictured because my husband and children confiscated them as I was setting up everything for the picture - I cannot wait until mine are growing in the garden and they can eat all they want!

I also used my $10/$50 Target coupon that was adjusted down to $5.

My total at the register was $.49, or $7.25 after tax saving $120.46.

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