Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Tremendous Thank You

I have to say a huge thank you to my Dad. He has donated an additional $5/week for the next 20 weeks to be combined with my weekly donations to the Help Our Homeless Veterans and Citizens organization!!!!!

I actually received this money last week and because of the craziness of Christmas preparations, I just picked up these raviolis (.79 each at Kroger) to be combined with the cream of soups I took last Saturday. Our homeless friends were very happy to have a choice!  With my small budget I do the best I can to provide as much as possible, but some weeks it just seems impossible to get much of anything. I'm looking forward to making this extra money stretch! Thank you again Dad for the donation-it really will be the gift that keeps on giving!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

I didn't know they did that!!!

I ran into Publix the other day because I needed some cheese and I wanted to take advantage of the cat food money-maker for my family as well, not just our homeless friends.  I ended up paying $.64 on $38.95 of groceries!!!!  In all actuality, my total should have been $5.63, however the 1lb Kraft cheese rang up wrong at $6.99 instead of $4.99, so they gave me 1 for free!  The manager said that if it is priced differently than it rings up, they automatically give you one for free.  I did not know they did that!  I love shopping at Publix!!!  Here is how it all played out:
2 Purina One Cat Food - BOGO 7.49.  My price ($-4.81) for 2.  Used 2 Purina $5.15/1 emailed coupons and 2 Target $1/1 coupons.

5 7-UP Ten - Sales Price $10/10.  My Price $1.25 for 5.  Used 5 of the $.75/1 7-UP Ten coupons.

2 Ritz Crackers - BOGO 2.99.  My Price $1.50 for 2.  Used 2 $.75/1 Nabisco printable from

1 Guacamole Mix - $.99.  No coupon used.

2 1lb Kraft blocks of cheese.  Sales Price $4.99 each.  My price $0.  Used 1 BOGO 16oz Kraft cheese Publix printable from Winter Savings online (no longer available) AND since it rang up wrong the second one was free.

After $1.72 in tax, I paid $.64.  I love Publix!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Week 20-One Trip this Week

Because we are so close to Christmas and I am over my $5/week total, I decided to give my budget a little break this week.  That and the fact that I am working on making Chex Mix to pass out this Saturday, along with the VERY busy last week of school schedule, Mommy is swamped!!!!  Here's what I bought:

2 Bags of Purina One Cat Food - BOGO 7.69.  My Price (-4.81 for 2), I used 2 of the $5.15/1 Purina One emailed coupons AND 2 of the $1/1 Purina Target coupons.

6 Campbell's Healthy Request - Sales Price $10/10.  My Price $4.00.  I used 2 of the $1/3 Campbell's Healthy Request soups printable.

Total for the Week:

My Price:   (-.81)
Products:  $11.69

Running Tally - End of Week 20

My Price:  $101.98
Products:  $503.85

I am officially back on track with my totals for the week and am looking forward to handing out my "Christmas presents" on Saturday!!!!!

Week 19 - End of Week Tally

With the Tent City Project going on last Saturday, many of us decided not to see our homeless friends.  It was nice to have an "off" day.  That did NOT stop me from picking up food though!

10 Campbell's Cream ofs - BOGO 1.33.  My price was $4.65 for 10, Sales Price $6.65.  I used 2 of the $1/5 Campbell's condensed soup coupons.

4 Campbell's Cream ofs - BOGO 1.33.  My Price was $1.86, Sale Price $2.66.  I used $.40/4 Campbells condensed soup.

End of Week 19 Tally

My Price:  $6.51
Products:  $9.31

Running Tally - End of Week 19

My Price - 102.79
Products - $492.16

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 18 - End of Week Tally

I got a little crafty this last week trying to buy peanut butter, so the actual cost is a little off, here's how it went down:
At Walgreens
1 Crest 3D Mouth Wash - I used a coupon, needed it for my house and received $3 Register Rewards back which I donated to this week.  So, I am starting with $-3.

9 Skippy Peanut Butter - My Cost $6.00 for 9 (including the $3 RR), Sales Price 2/$4.

At Publix
4 Progresso Soup - My Cost $.83 each, Sales Price 3/$4.  Used $.50/2 Progresso Soup from 10/20 SS insert.

End of Week Tally

My Price - $9.33
Products - $23.32

Running Tally - End of Week 18

My Price - $96.28
Products - $482.85

Friday, December 6, 2013

Week 18 - What I am Buying and Some Great Deals


8 Scottie Facial Tissue - BOGO $1.25.  My Price $.80 for 8, Sales Price $5.00.  Using 4 of the Publix $.55/2 boxes of Scotties from All the Trimmings AND 2 of $1/4 Scotties Tissues printable.  ***Upromise deposit (Thanks to for the tip!!!!)

2 Honey Nut Cheerios - Sales Price 2/$4.  My Price $1.50 for 2.  Using 2 $.50/1 Honey Nut Cheerios printable AND $.50/1 Honey Nut Cheerios Publix digital coupon.

2 Soft Scrub Cleaners - Sales Price 2/$5.  My Price $1.25 for 2.  Using 2 $1/1 Soft Scrub AND 1 $.75/1 Publix coupon from All the Trimmings AND 1 $1/1 Soft Scrub from Kroger mailer.  ***Upromise deposit

2 Ziplock Bags - Sales Price 2/$5.  My Price $3.00 for 2.  Using 1 $1/2 Ziplock bags printable AND $1/2 Ziplock bags Publix coupon from Winter Family Savings Booklet.  ****Upromise deposit

2 Progresso Recipe Starters - Sales Price 3/$4.  My Price $.66 for 2.  Using 2 $.50/1 Progresso Recipe Starters from 10/20 SS insert.

Progresso Soup - Sales Price $3/$4.  My Price would be $1.67 for 2.  Using $.50/2 Progresso Soup from 10/20 SS insert or you could use $.50/2 Progresso Soup.


10 Skippy Peanut Butter - Sales Price 2/$4.  My Price $10 for 10.  Using $1/1 Skippy from 11/11 RP insert.  Best price in town right now for peanut butter.

Unfortunately I've not seen any major money-makers this week so I imagine I will be focusing on peanut butter because it provides more than one meal for our homeless friends.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 17 - End of Week Tally

I was so disappointed with all the sales last week I ended up just running in and picking up cups of noodles.  What a difference a week makes in sales!  I didn't feel bad about this though because I made homemade turkey noodle soup to hand out on Saturday, so at least our homeless friends would all have something hot to eat.  That actually went over really great and I can't wait to do it again.
10 Nissan Big Cup Noodles - My Price $2.50, Sales Price $2.50
6 Maruchan Yakisoba - My Price $2.97, Sales Price $2.97
2 Degree Deo - My Price $0, Sales Price $2.00 (used $1/1 Degree at Walgreens)
6-pack Handwarmers - My Price $0, Sales Price $2.50 (used my balance rewards points at Walgreens)
Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup - Priceless (hehe hehe)
Week 17 Totals

My Price $5.47
Products $9.97

Running Tally - End of Week 17
My Cost:  $86.95
Products:  $459.53

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

I hope everyone is enjoying their time with friends and family.  My family actually did all of our traveling last weekend, so we have spent a wonderful last couple of days just "being" in my house.  Yesterday my girls, husband and I cooked and baked all day long with a very short break in which we tackled the yard as a family.  It was absolutely the perfect day.  My husband and I have this rhythm when we work together that is more like a force, and my girls are always right in the middle of everything.  I have felt thankful for every moment and memory.

While enjoying yesterday it was bittersweet knowing that our homeless friends were out in the cold.  I know that there was an overflow of people out feeding and providing fellowship though, so I was content to stay home and enjoy our time. 

Unfortunately, I have not really seen an super deals to report this week.  Of course I will be posting my tally, but in all honesty I have been making turkey soup to pass out tomorrow and I am afraid that I will not have a great deal other than that to contribute. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 16 - End of Week Tally

I've had a fantastic shopping week.  The pantry is stocked and I was able to score more than a few free turkeys.  Just makes sense that our homeless friends should feel some of that love too:

12 Progresso Soup - My Cost $0, Sales Price $11.88 See how here
2 Ronzoni Pasta - My Cost $0, Sales Price $1.49 See how here
2 Beneful Dog Treats - My Cost $0, Sales Price $4.29 See How Here
1 Turkey - Not Pictured because already donated to Operation Standdown Huntsville for their Thanksgiving Dinner nor will I be adding it to my end totals.
2 Suave Deo - My Cost $0, Sales Price $1.99
10 Campbell's Condensed Soup - My Cost $4.25, Sales Price $6.65 for 10.  I used 2 $.40/3 Campbells from and 1 $.40/4 manufacturer.

End of Week 16 Totals:

My Cost:  $4.25
Products:  $26.30

Running Tally - End of Week 16
My Cost:  $81.48
Products:  $449.56

Thursday, November 21, 2013

How To Use Your $10/$50 Target Coupon at Publix - Part 2

Our goal here is always to get the price of our products before coupons close to $50.00.  Truly, you want your products to be close to $40, so then you get to use the $10 off coupon like free money.  Combine that with Money-Makers (MM) and you can buy all sorts of things for your household for free.  I am going to post my particular shopping trip today (which did not go quite as planned) and refer everyone to this weeks matchup at I Heart Publix.  Keep in mind that there are regional differences in store prices and newspaper inserts, so you always have to keep on your toes.

Here is a list of what I bought and the coupons I used:

4 TRESemme products - $4.49 each.  I used 2 $3/2 Clear Scalp or TRESemme Publix coupon from the pink grocery flyer AND $5/2 TRESemme from the 11/17 Sunday paper.  Register price is $19.16 for 4, My Cost $1.96 for 4.

2 Chinet Napkins - BOGO $2.19.  I used 2 of the $1/1 Chinet Product.  This coupon will be emailed to you, then you can print it twice.  Register price is $2.19 for 2, My Cost $.19 for 2.

2 Sabra Hummus - BOGO $3.99.  I used 2 $1/1 Publix coupons from All the Trimmings AND 2 $1/1 Sabra products.  Register price is $3.99 for 2, My Cost $-.01 MM for 2.

2 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter - BOGO $3.29.  I used 2 $1/1 ICBINB Publix coupons emailed from Best Meals Happen at Home AND 2 $.35/1 ICBINB from the 11/17 Sunday paper.  Register price is $3.29 for 2, My Cost $-.11 MM for 2.

2 Wishbone Salad Dressing - BOGO $2.65.  I used 2 $1/1 Wishbone Publix coupon emailed from Best Meals Happen at Home AND 2 $.50/1 Wishbone.  Register price is $2.65, My Cost is $-1.35 MM for 2.

2 ALL Detergents - 2 for $7.  I used 2 $.75/1 Publix coupons from All the Trimmings AND $2/2  ALL from 11/3 Red Plum insert.  Register price is $7.00 for 2, My Cost is $3.50 for 2.

1 Domino Sugar - $1.99.  I used 1 $.50/1 Domino Sugar.  Register price is $1.99, My Cost is $.99.

 2 Duncan Hines Decadent Cake Mixes - BOGO $2.79.  I used 2 $1/1 Duncan Hines Decadent cake from All the Trimmings AND $.35/1 Duncan Hines.  Register Price is $2.79, My Cost is $-.61MM.

 At this point my Register Total was $41.86, but since I had $-2.08 in MM, I was going to grab some meat.  It didn't happen.  I had my 3 girls, they got hungry, tired and we needed to LEAVE.  I grabbed bread, we already had the Ritz, and lunch meat then headed to the register.

 Order Total  $.52

Grand Total with Tax $3.31, with $69.51 savings

I hope this helps some of you out.  Don't forget to visit I Heart Publix or a similar site before you go shopping!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Money-maker Nail Polish and TRESemme at CVS

I promised a CVS scenario for peanut butter and here it is.  I walked into CVS this morning to scan my card at the big red machine and check nail polish prices.  And what did my wondering eyes appear!!!  A $2/$10 Nail, Lip and Eye coupon AND $3 off any TRESemme purchase.  Wow.  I then headed over to see how much TRESemme was and it's on clearance for $3.74! Combine that with my $5/2 coupon and it's a MM.  AND all Wet 'n Wild products are B1G1 50% off.   I noticed at the very bottom shelf they had polish for $.99 each, making each 2nd one $.50.   Combine that with my $1/1 Fergie, Wet n Wild coupons that's a MM!!!  Now I could definitely buy peanut butter!


I purchased everything in 1 transaction because I am saving my ECB for DreamLites!!!!  Here is the breakdown:

9 Wet 'n Wild Nail Polish - $.99
1 Wet 'n Wild Lip Gloss - $1.99
1 TRESsemme Shampoo - $3.74
1 TRESsemme Shampoo - $3.74
4 Skippy Peanut Butter - $10 (Receive $3 ECB when you buy $10 worth)

The register automatically deducted $.50 for 5 of the Wet n' Wild products.  I know, if I had bought 10 nail polishes it would have been cheaper, but I have 3 little girls and wanted to put 3 polishes in each of their stockings.  Also, I wanted to try the lip gloss for myself.  Total price for all Wet n' Wild was $8.40 before coupons or $3.60 MM after coupons.  The total price for the TRESsemme shampoo before coupons was $7.48 or $.52 MM after coupons.

I then used:

$2/$10 Nail, Lip, Eye etc. CVS coupon from red coupon machine
10 $1/1 Wet 'n Wild/Fergie etc. from 11/17 Red Plum insert.
$3/1 TRESemme CVS coupon from red coupon machine
$5/2 TRESemme from 11/17 Red Plum insert
4 $1/1 Skippy from 11/17 Smart Source insert

Total Price for everything was $3.95 with tax BUT I received a $3 ECB. 

Happy Shopping!!!

How To Use Your $10/$50 Target Coupon at Publix - Part 1

I posted earlier to run and get Sunday's paper because of the $10/$50 Target coupon but I didn't really elaborate on why for those of you that are just starting out couponing.  The reason behind that is because there are so many fantastic deals going on right now not only can you stock up on things like shampoo and deodorant, but if you play your cards right you can end up getting a free turkey or anything else you need for your home!  The trick is to have your total at the register ring up as close to $50.00 as possible BEFORE you hand them your stack of coupons.  It's intimidating at first I know (and quite frankly scary if you're on a tight budget) but if you take your time, write down what you're going to buy, and refrain from picking up "extras" you can really start making your money stretch at the grocery store.  Since the Holidays are upon us and we could all use a little extra cash, I will start posting more of the deals that will hopefully help out.  Remember, you only have until 11/23 to use this one!

TRESemme Hair Spray, Mouse and Shampoo are $4.49.  Use 1 $3/2 Clear Scalp or TRESemme Publix coupon AND $5/2 TRESemme from the Sunday paper.  That makes each one $.49!  There is a limit of 2 coupons for this one, but you can also print $2/1 TRESemme from to get around this (thanks for the tip!)  That will make 2 bottles $.98 each.

Sundown Natural Vitamins are $3.59+.  Use $5/2 Sundown Publix coupon from the Health and Beauty flyer AND $1/1 Sundown from the 11/3 Red Plum insert. There is also a digital Publix coupon available to load.  That makes each bottle $.09+ depending on what you buy.

Ending Today

Suave Deodorant is $1.99 BOGO.  Use 2 $.25/1 Suave Deo from Sunday's paper AND $1/2 Suave products Publix couon from the Health and Beauty Flyer.  FREE, but the limit is 2 unless you use print 2 more coupons from

Beneful Dog Treat $4.29 BOGO.  Use 1 BOGO Beneful from Sundays paper AND 1 BOGO Beneful Publix coupon from All the Trimmings.  This is a possible $4.29 money maker depending on how your store rings up the coupon, but at the very least it is FREE.

Prego Spaghetti Sauce $3.39 BOGO.  Use $.40/2 Prego from the newspaper that will double making each jar $1.30 each.

Mt. Olive Pickles or Relish $2.39 BOGO.  Use 2 $.50/1 Mt. Olive Pickles making each jar $.20.

Campbell's Cream of Chicken $1.33 BOGO.  Use $.40/3 Campbell's from  Buy 6 and use 2 of the $.40/3 to pay $.40 a can.

Part 1 - Scenario/Deal Idea

1.  Buy 4 TRESemme for $4.49.  Use 2 Publix coupons and 2 manufacturer.  Your cost $1.96, Register Price is $17.96.

2.  Buy 4 Beneful Dog Treats.  Use 2 Publix and 2 manufacturer.  Your cost is $0, Register Price is $8.58.

3.  Buy 2 Suave Deo.  Use 1 Publix and 2 manufacturer.  Your cost $0, Register is $1.99.

4.  Buy 2 Sundown Natural Vitamins.  (example is Melatonin for $3.99 each.) Use 1 Publix and 2 manufacturer.  Your cost $.98 for 2, Register price is $7.98.

5. Buy 2 Mt. Olive Pickles.  Use 2 manufacturer coupons.  Your cost $.39, Register is $2.39.

At this point the Register Total is $38.90.  This means what the cashier is going to ring everything up as before your coupons.  Now, this is where you have to spend an extra $11.10 to get to your $50 goal.  You can do 1 of 2 things at this point.  1.  You can buy meat, milk, or cheese or something you need for the week. OR 2. You can make your money stretch even further by buying things you have coupons for such as Campbell's and Prego.  This will make your total lower, but since it is Thanksgiving, lets say that we bought $11.10 of a $.59/lb Publix Young Turkey.  You have now reached $50 at the register you give the cashier your $10/$50 Target coupon first (that is important!), then all of your other coupons, do not forget to enter your phone number for your digital coupons.

Register Price $50.00
Out of Pocket Price $3.33 + tax !!!!!! 
  (If your store actually deducts the Beneful coupons as $4.29 instead of $2.15, your total will  actually  be -$5.25.  Yes, they will have to pay YOU $5.25.)

I will be posting a Part 2 Scenario in the next day or so to match with the new Publix ad. 

Happy Shopping!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 16 - What I Bought at Publix Today

6 Beneful Dog Treats - My Price (-12.87 for 6), Sales Price $12.87 for 3.  Used 3 Publix BOGO Beneful dog treats from All the Trimmings AND 3 BOGO Beneful dog treats from
the 11/17 Smart Source insert.

2 Simply Potatoes - My Price $.19, Sales Price $2.69 BOGO.  Used 1 Publix $1/2 Simply Potatoes from All the Trimmings AND 2 $.75/1 Simply Potatoes.

2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta - My Price $0, Sales Price $1.49 BOGO. Used 2 $.75/1 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta.

12 Progresso Soup - My Price $5.88 for 12, Sales Price $11.88 for 12 or $1.98 BOGO.  Used 6 of the $.50/2 Progresso Soup manufacturer coupon from the 11-10 Smart Source insert.

2 Mt. Olive Pickles - My Price $.29 for 2, Sales Price $2.29 BOGO.  Used 2 $.50/1 Mt. Olive pickles from today's paper.

1 17.63lb Publix Turkey.  My Price $10.40, Sales Price $10.40 or $.59/lb.

I also bought some other miscellaneous things today - 3 gallons of distilled water for $3.24, coffee for $3.49, and sugar for $3.29 JUST to get my total to $50.00.  I was then able to use my $10/$50 Target coupon.

After tax, I paid $7.75 for everything!!!  The soup, the pasta, the dog treats and the turkey are all for our homeless friends.  A great start to the week!!!

Also, a huge thank you to and  Without their posts I could not do what I do!

Week 16 - Run and Buy a Sunday Newspaper Now

Alright guys, this is an AWESOME week for getting newspapers.  Personally, I high-tailed it to the Dollar Tree first thing this morning and picked up 10.  Let me tell you why:

1.  There is a $10 off $50 Target coupon in the Target insert in today's paper.  This can be used toward your total purchase at Publix. 

2.  There is a BOGO Beneful dog treats coupon in the Smart Source insert.  Currently at Publix Beneful dog treats are BOGO 4.29 AND you can stack this coupon with the Publix BOGO coupon in the "All the Trimmings" coupon book at the kiosk.  This is a  $4.29 MONEY MAKER guys!!!!!

3.  There is a $.50/1 Mt. Olives pickle coupon that pairs nicely with the current Mt. Olive BOGO $2.29 sale.  Use 2 of the $.50/1 coupons which will double to make your final price $.29 for 2.

4.  There are multiple other excellent coupons including a  $1/1 Skippy Peanut Butter coupon that can be used for a nice deal at CVS and possibly in the next Publix deal I will post about later.

Even if you don't like to coupon, the $10/$50 Target coupon is totally worth the cost of a paper!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 15 - End Of Week Tally

What you see before you my friends is 30 cans of soup - cream ofs to be exact.  Since
 Latham UMC CDC did such a wonderful job helping us have food for the next few weeks, I wanted to buy as much as possible to make that continue to stretch.  Not so easy on a $5/week budget and no money makers to speak of!

I bought the soups in 2 different rounds because I only had 5 of the $.40/2 coupons left, then had to use the $.40/4 ones.  The breakdown is this:

10 Campbell's cream ofs - My Cost $.70 ($.07/each), Sales Price $6.65 or BOGO ($.67/each).  I used 2 of the $1/5 Publix coupons and 5 of the $.40/2 Campbell's manufacturer that each doubled.  Crazy how much that went down with quantity.

20 Campbell's cream ofs - My Cost $5.30 ($.27/each), Sales Price $13.30 or BOGO ($.67/each).  I used 4 of the $1/5 Publix coupons and 5 of the $.40/4 manufacturer coupons that doubled.

End of Week 15 Totals:

My Cost:  $6.00
Products:  $20.10

Running Tally - End of Week 15
My Cost:  77.23
Products:  423.26
*****Disclaimer - No cans were harmed in the taking of this picture.  It's a good thing photography is not my job!!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Another Huge Thank You

I had to mention my huge THANK YOU to Latham UMC the other day for their fantastic food drive, cards and just continued support with the Help Our Homeless Veterans and Citizens organization.  Little did I know that Monday morning there would be even MORE cans of soup and cases of ramen that they collected.  Another 50+ cans of soup AND more cases of ramen.  You guys have been just extraordinary through all of this.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for making things just a little easier for our homeless friends over the next few weeks knowing that they will have healthy food to eat.  You guys are fantastic.

Week 15 - What I Will Be Picking Up

I know, with me it's always Publix, Publix, Publix.  I can't help it.  It is the cheapest place to shop.  But don't veer from your list or get too comfortable because you can also spend too much on an item not on sale too.  Anyway.....there are some fantastic deals going on at Publix this week and here is what I will be picking up for myself and our homeless friends:

Campbell's Condensed Soup - still $1.33 BOGO yeah!!!  Unfortunately TODAY is the last day to take full advantage of this sale.  Use $1/5 Campbell's condensed soup Publix coupon AND $.40/4 Campbell's condensed soup manufacturer coupon (exp. 1/15/14).  I am officially out of the $.40/2 coupon that was available and used them all earlier in the week.  So, if you only buy 5, your price will be $.31/can.  If you buy more to make the coupons match to 20 (use 4 of the Publix and 5 of the manufacturer) then your price per can is $.27.  Since we confirmed last weekend that our homeless friends love the "cream ofs" this is what I will be focusing on this week.

Progresso Soup - BOGO $1.99.  Use $.50/2 Progresso Soup (exp 11/16 or 12/14).  There is also a $.50/2 Progresso soup at  This obviously doubles and makes each can $.49 wyb 2.  I will probably take advantage of this for our homeless friends next week before the new ad comes out.  There is also a $.50/2 Upromise deposit as well - I love money for the babies!!!

Del Monte Vegetables - BOGO $1.25.  Use $.50/4 Del Monte Canned Veg (exp 2/1/14).  This makes each can $.37 wyb 4.  I think this is a decent price for canned veg.  I'm going to pick up the hubs some cream corn because he loves it, but we don't normally buy a lot of canned veg because I put up what I grow in my garden.

Ronzoni Pasta - BOGO $1.49.  Use 2 $.75/1 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest to make the 2 boxes FREE.  I will definitely be picking up 2 for our homeless friends because my family does not like it but they are FREE.

Capri Sun 100% Juice boxes - BOGO $3.99.  Use 2 of the $1/1 Capri Sun from to make them just $.99 each.  That is a heck of a deal for 100% juice boxes.

Purina Cat Chow 3.15lb bag - BOGO $5.49.  Sounds a little high I know, BUT you can stack 2 Target $1/1 Purina Cat Chow coupons with 2 of the $1/1 Purina Cat Chow manufacturer coupons to make them $.74 each.  That is a great deal in my book! 

Prego 100% Spaghetti Sauce - BOGO $3.49.  Use the $.40/2 Prego Sauce manufacturer coupon that expires 1/15/14.  This makes each jar $1.35 - but it is the big jar - 48oz.  I really like to use these as a base when I make sauce then add my tomatoes and veg from the garden. 

Kibbles n Bits Dog Food - $3.99/ Bag - Ends Tomorrow!!!  I noticed this morning that there was a Target coupon for $1/1 Kibbles n Bits coupon.  Stack that with the $1.50/1 Kibbles manufacturer coupon and that makes each 4lb bag just $1.50.  Stock up quick.

Publix Young Turkey - $.59/lb.  These are frozen and at least 10lbs limit 2.  I will be running in to grab my 2 just to put in the freezer because this is the cheapest price I can remember ever seeing!  I cannot wait until the hubs fires up the smoker with one of those bad boys.  Yum, yum.

Happy Shopping!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thank You Latham CDC!!!!!

I have to say a huge thank you to the teachers, parents and students at Latham United Methodist CDC!  I approached Ms. Traci and Ms. Lindsey with a can food drive for the Help Our Homeless Veterans and Citizens organization, and not only did they agree and organize a drive, but the students made cards to pass out to the Vets for Veterans Day.  The preschool alone collected over 75 cans of soup and multiple cases of Ramen.  Thank you guys for all of your support and help, especially the lovely cards.  They were very much appreciated!!!  And thank you also to Ms. Lindsey and all of you who continue to provide the empty containers for us to fill and pass out with clean water - our homeless friends ask for these week after week for cooking and their other needs.  You guys have helped make an awesome Veteran's Day weekend!

Week 14 - End of Week Tally

14 Yakisoba Noodles - My Price ($-.07), Sales Price $6.93
10 Spaghettios/Ravioli - My Price $3.31, Sales Price $11.50
2 Campbells Cream of Chicken - My Price $.30, Sales Price $1.33
3 Right Guard Deodorant - My Price ($-.51), Sales Price $8.49
I bought the Cream ofs as a test to see if everyone would actually like those to eat as soup.  They did!  Since this sale is still going on at Publix, I will be heading there to pick more up.  Please see here for how to do that:
End of Week 14 Totals:
My Cost:  $3.03
Products:  $28.25
Running Tally - End of Week 14
My Cost:  $71.23
Products:  $403.16

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 14 - The Game Plan

I have officially been to 2 different Wal-marts and will probably not score my MM I was hoping for.  Darn it!  I was really hoping to load up on hot dogs with that overage.'s a new week for Publix and here are a few things that I will be picking up for myself and our homeless friends:

Campbell's Cream of Mushroom, Chicken, etc. BOGO $1.33 - use the $1/5 Campbell's Publix ad coupon and stack with 2 $.40/2 Campbell's condensed (excluding cream of mushroom).  Or use 1 $.40/4 if you don't have the other.  Total cost is $.15/can.  Probably the best price we will see this season and a great thing to stock up on for those Thanksgiving food drives.

Betty Crocker Brownie Mix BOGO $2.59 - use the $1.5/2 BC Brownie Mix from the Publix ad and stack with $.75/2 BC brownie mix manufacturer coupon.  Total cost is $.17 each, BUT there is a Upromise deposit of $.75 when you buy two as well.  Money for the babies, yeah!!!!

Barilla Pasta BOGO $1.17 - use $.55/2 Barilla Target printable coupon.  Total cost is $.31 each.  I ALWAYS stock up on pasta on this BOGO.  It seems silly not to.

Halls Cough Drops BOGO $1.55 - use $1/2 Halls manufacturer.  Total cost $.23 each.  I'm thinking of grabbing a few of these for our friends since the weather is colder.

Spaghettios and Raviolis BOGO $1.47 - use $.40/3 Spaghettios printable coupon from  Total cost is $.47 each WYB 3.  I think that this is going to be my donation for the week because it is an entire meal.  Correction!!!!  The sale is BOGO $1.15, making them $.31 each when you use the coupon and buy 3.  Even better for my total!!!!!!

Happy Shopping!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 14 - Taking Advantage

Taking advantage.....of the new coupons from Sunday that is! 
Publix has the Yakisoba noodles on sale BOGO for $.99.  I had 7 of the $1/2 Maruchan or Yakisoba noodles making them ($-.07) My Price or $6.93 Sales Price.  This sale continues through tomorrow if you'd like to take advantage.
Publix also had a Right Guard Deo on Sale for $2.83.  I used 3 of the Publix $1.5/1 coupons, and 3 of the $1.50/1 Manufacturer coupons, making the 3 a $.51 Money Maker for myself, and the total price of deodorants$8.49.
My total cost beginning this week for 17 items is ($-.58).  I love weeks like this!!!!
My coupon buddy Russell who also coupons for the Help Our Homeless Veterans and Citizens said that there was a huge Money-maker (MM) at Wal-Mart with the $10/ 3 Gas X coupon from a couple weeks ago, and I still have some of the MM Schick coupons to use if I can ever find someone in stock!!!
I will be posting new Publix matchups or anything else of note early this week.

Week 13-End of Week Tally

Unfortunately I do not have a picture this week.  Yes, I seem to always be running behind lately!  What is interesting though is that I took advantage of all those BOGO sales on juice.  I was a little uneasy about how a full size juice would be received, but man you would have thought these people struck gold!  Originally I was thinking juice would be good because it would be continued nutrition.  Turns out it was awesome and I will definitely keep juice in mind going forward.

What I bought:

8 Mott's Apple Juice 64oz - My Price $.50ea, Cost $2.99 BOGO (used 8 $1/1 Mott's Juice)
6 Welch's Essential Juice Cocktail 64oz - My Price $..60 each, Cost $3.19 BOGO (used 6 $1/1 Welch's Essential Juice)

Total for the Week:

My Cost:  $7.60
Products:  $21.53

Running Tally - End of Week 13
My Cost:  $68.20
Products:  $374.91

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 12 - End of Week Tally

8 Nissan Big Cup Noodles - My Cost $0, Price $2
2 Suave Professional Shampoo - My Cost $0, Price $2.98 (used $1.50/1 Suave Pro at Kroger)
8 Progresso Soups - My Cost $2.92, Price $7.92 at CVS (I used 4 .25/1, and 2 .50/2 Progresso Soup coupons, as well as a $3/$15 CVS coupon and combined this with another personal purchase I had but needed to spend more in order to use the $3/$15 coupon)

Total for the Week
My Cost - $2.92
Products - $12.90

Running Tally - End of Week 12
My Cost - $60.60
Products - $353.38

Looks like I'm on track to hitting my goal - yeah!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 12 - Serious Deals at Publix this Week

This week's Publix ad goes to the 29th, so you have time to prep if you need to stock up.  First thing to do is go to and print coupons from there, gather the Publix ad from the front of the store(you need the coupons on the back page), go to and load digital coupons, then gather your manufacturer coupons (and possibly print coupons from or another site if you do not have a sunday paper manufacturer one).  Yes, this is how I shop.  It's work, but that's how I can spend $12 on $90 worth of groceries consistently, week after week.

What I'm going to pick up this week:

Mott's Apple Juice 64oz. BOGO 2.99 (using 2 $1/1 Mott's juice manufacturer) = $.49 ea

Mott's Apple Sauce 6-pck BOGO 2.13-2.59 (using 2 $1/2 6-packs Mott's manufacturer) = $.79 ea

Shedd's Country Crock Spread 15 oz  2.45(using 2 $1/1 Country Crock Publix In-Ad Coupon) = $.23 ea (I was mistaken - it's for a 45oz tub - it happens!)

Quaker Granola Bars BOGO $2.34 (using $1/2 Quaker products man, and $1/2 Quaker Target coupon) = $.17 ea

Post Cereal BOGO $2.99 (using $2.50/2 Post Cereals and 6.0oz coffee) = Not sure b/c will have to buy coffee and will combine a coupon, but like buying to boxes of cereal for $.25 each.

Tombstone Pizza BOGO $4.59-5.59 (Buy 3 and use 1 $1/3 Target printable and 1 $1/3 Tombstone man)  = $1.62 ea

Stayfree Pads BOGO $3.49 (use 2 $1/1 Stayfree pads man.) = $.74ea

There are a lot of other really great prices on Campbell's to combine with the in ad coupons, but just wanted to show what I'll be stocking on.  Still not sure what to buy for the vets though!

Help From Green Cove Pet Hospital

I need to say a HUGE thank you to Steph and the people over at Green Cove Pet Hospital.  They have made multiple donations to the Help Our Homeless Veterans and Citizens organization, and we really appreciate your help!!!!

Their continued donations of Ramen, crackers, oatmeal, soups, raisins etc. have really helped.
Thanks again guys!!!!

Week 11 - End of Week Tally

Another crazy week - my van broke all the way down and we had chicken pox all while Daddy was out of town.  Isn't that the way it goes???
4 Nissan Big Cup Soups - My Cost $0, Price $1 (still have a few of the $1/4 left!!!!)
1 Schick Disposable Razor - My Cost $-1.03, Price $1.97
8 Skippy Peanut Butter - My Cost $7.80, Price $15.80

Total for the Week

My Cost:  $6.77
Products:  $18.77

Running Tally - End of Week 11
My Cost:  $57.68
Products:  $340.48

Week 10-End of Week Tally

8 Progresso Soup - My Cost $4.00, Price 7.96 BOGO
4 Schick Razors - My Cost -4.12, Price 7.88
4 Libby Veg - My Cost $1.60, Price $2.6
4 Nissan Big Cup Noodles - My Cost $0, Price $1.00
1 Quaker Oatmeal - My Cost $.67, Price $1.18

Total for the Week

My Cost $2.15
Products $20.62

Running Tally - End of Week 10
My Cost:  $50.91
Products:  $321.71

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week 10 - The Game Plan

I've got a couple things that I've spied this week that I wanted to quickly share for anyone that wants to jump on that train - of course I have no idea if anyone gets anything out of this, but what the heck, here it is.....

Progresso soup is $.50/can when you used $.50/2 Progresso soups, or $.25/1 Progresso Light soups and combine it with the BOGO sale that ends today.

Kraft Mac n Cheese and Capri Sun deal - the 4-packs of Mac n Cheese have a $2/1 Capri Sun coupon peelie, Capri Sun are BOGO for $1.99, and there is a $1/2 Capri Sun Digital Coupon.  Buy 2 Capri Sun, 2 4-packs of Mac N Cheese, use 2 peelie coupons and the digital and pay $1 out of pocket for all - ENDS TODAY.

Schick 12-count disposable razors are $1.97 - or a moneymaker of $1.03 if you use the $3/1 Schick razors from Sunday's paper.

Libby Canned Vegetables - $.65 each - or $.40 each if you use $1/4 Libby canned veg.

I will post more matchups tomorrow.  Does anyone like this format better?

Week 9 - End of Week Tally

Last week my entire family came down with strep throat.  Yes, we are a family that shares.  So, I really only had time for 1 deal and it's a little sticky because I had $5 ECB at CVS to begin with. So I did 2 transactions to score 6 jars of peanut butter:

Transaction 1:  I bought 4 Skippy Peanut Butter - My Cost $1.80, Sale Price 2 for $5 (I used my $5 ECB, 4 $1/1 Skippy).  I also got back $3 ECB.

Transaction 2:  I bought 2 more Skippy for the same price, used 2 more $1/1, and was out of pocket $.40 after giving the $3ECB.

Not a lot of food, but I needed to be at CVS to grab prescriptions, so I did what I could.

Total for the Week:

My Cost:  $2.20
Products:  $15.00

Running Tally - End of Week 9
My Cost:  48.76
Products:  301.09

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 8 - End of Week Tally

I did end up going back to Publix to pick up some more soups, so here is the totals for week 8:
Week 8 Tally:

My Cost:  $10.60
Products:  $55.90

Running Tally - End of Week 8
My Cost:  46.56
Products:  286.09

Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 8 - The Frantic Push for Food

We (meaning The Help Our Homeless Vets and Citizens organization) are extremely low on food.  As in completely out except some applesauce.  Since applesauce and bottles of water will probably not sustain anyone for a week, so the pressure is on to stock on some serious food.  So here is what I've done so far (I'm posting this tonight just in case anyone wants to hit Publix tomorrow before the new sale comes out.

40 Nissan Cup Soups - My Cost $6.00, Price $16.00 (used 10 of the $1/4 Nissan soups - I had ordered more but I cleaned the store out so I will have to go to another Publix across town)

10 Campbell's Soups - My Cost $4.80, Price $10.00 (used 2 of $1/5 Campbell's Condensed Soup Publix coupon from Discover Great Recipes Flyer AND 1 $.40/4 Campbell's Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup from 9/8 SS insert AND 3 of the $.40/2 Campbell's condensed soup from 9/8 SS insert).

10 Nutrish Dog Food - My Cost (-$5.00), Cost 19.90 (used $2.50/1 Rachel Ray Nutrish)

That puts me right at my budget for the week, and I'm flat out of money making coupons like the Nutrish, but since we are so low I'm going to go ahead and at least get another 10 soups.  I'm hoping that we will get some donations because it's going to be tough not to have enough food on Saturday.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week 7 - End of Week Tally

I was terribly sick in the beginning of the week so I was really thrown off my game.  I went over budget and picked up a few special requests, but I did need to make up for only spending $2.25 last week.  I didn't really spend a lot of time strategizing on picking up food, but I was able to take a morning and pick up some clothes and jackets from donators (Thanks so much Stacey and Alan!).  Here's how it went down:

24 Nissan Noodle Cups - My Cost $3.60 for 24, Cost $9.60 for 24 (used 6 of the $1/4 Nissan noodles)
5 Maruchan Noodle Cups - My Cost (-$3.75), Cost $1.25 (used $.50/1 Maruchan noodle bowl which doubled)
4 6-packs Vienna Sausages - My Cost $6.50, Cost $13.50 (used 4 of the $.75/1 6-pack Vienna sausage Publix coupon and stacked that with $1/2 Armour products)
3 Vienna Sausage - My Price and Cost $1.77 (bought to make the $1/2 Amour coupons to work)
3 Sheba Cat Food - My Price $.59, Cost $1.77 (used B2G1 Sheba Publix coupon and stacked with B1G1 Target coupon)
4 Nutrish dog food - My Price (-$2.00), Cost $7.96
2 Barilla Pasta Bowls - My Price $.29, Cost $2.29 (used 2 $1/1 Barilla microwavable meals)
4 Hormel Chili Cups - My Price Free, Cost $2.00 (used my CVS $3 extra care buck)

Disclaimer:  I also bought a package of Navy Beans and a Cream of Chicken as special requests but I'm not going to add that as my totals because, well, I don't want to.

Week 7 Tally

My Cost:  $7.00
Products:  $40.14

Running Tally - End of Week 7
My Cost:  $35.96
Products:  $230.19

Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 6 - End of Week Tally

I am going to apologize in advance because I did not take a picture of the items I bought earlier in the week, and I already dropped them off yesterday at Rusty's so they could organize the truck and have it ready. 

As you may have read, I already picked up quite a bit this week:
6 Shave Gels
5 boxes of granola bars
1 soap
10 ramen cups
2 dog food
2 ravioli

....but I was left with a huge amount (-4.71 after Walmart trip) leftover to spend.  So, today I went back to Kroger.  Would you believe that they restocked the shave gels?  I made ANOTHER $2 on those, then just bought grapes, toilet paper, ravioli (the vets love that stuff!) and 2 more boxes of granola bars, and oh a box of Emerald on the Go because it was the free Friday download at Kroger.  Here's the breakdown:

4 Gillete Shave Preps - My Cost (-2.00 for 4), Sale Price 3.99 for 4 (used $3/2 Gillete - the one I've used over and over and over)
1 Angel Soft 4-Pack - My cost .27, Sale Price $1.17 (used $.45/1 Angel Soft)
4 Ravioli - My Cost and Price $2.76
2 Nature Valley Granola - My Cost $.98, Sale Price $2.98 for 2 (used 2 of the $.50/1 Nature Valley granola thins)
1 Emerald on the Go - My Cost $0, Price $2.99
5lbs of Red Grapes - My Cost and Price $4.95

I'm done, and going to pack up some grapes for tomorrow!

Week 6 Tally

My Cost:  $2.25?????
Products:  $41.07

Running Tally - End of Week 6
My Cost:  28.96
Products:  190.05

I have to say that this was a great week!!!!!!!!!!

Week 6 - Update and Moneymaker

Thanks to the super savvy lady over at I was able to pull out another moneymaker on dog food.  I was only able to snag 2 small meals, but it also allowed me to grab 2 raviolis for cheap at Wal-Mart.  Here's how:

I bought 2 Rachel Ray Nutrish Dog Food Tubs - My Price (-1.24 for 2), Cost $3.76 for 2 (I used 2 of the $2.50/1 Rachel Ray Nutrish Dog Food from 9/8 SS insert)

So then, I bought 2 cans of Ravioli with no coupon (ughh I hate that!!!) My Price  and Cost was $1.58.

This was a great find because we actually pass out dog and cat food too.  I believe I will be ordering more of these coupons!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 6 - Change in Focus and The Game Plan

I went and distributed food again on Saturday.  It was a much better trip.  I wasn't nearly as overwhelmed and was able to focus more on what was needed - and people started to warm up a bit.  I imagine that a stranger coming into your camp is quite disconcerting even if that stranger is there with the best of intentions.

The new focus is fresh foods and protein.  That is difficult on my budget of $5/week but I think if I'm crafty I can get it done.  I will still be picking up the shave gels and razors because they are greatly needed, but I really need to pull out some moneymakers to make the money stretch.  There are other things that I can and will be doing, such as taking cucumbers and tomatoes from my garden and making bread and passing out rolls; however, I may have a week that the only money I spend is on fresh fruit or canned goods.  That is really going to hinder my end product goal I had set for myself, but at the time I wasn't involved in this organization and had really just set a goal to push myself to get started.  The important thing is nutrition not my silly mind games for myself. 

The game plan for this week is a crafty one.  It almost makes me laugh because sometimes I feel like I am stealing, but a coupon is cash is it not?  I received the coupons I ordered online on Saturday, so Sunday I hit Kroger like a freight train. 

I picked up 6 Gillette shave gels - My price (-$3.00), Mega Sale price $5.94 (I used 3 of the $3/2 Gillette shave prep, cartridges etc. from 8/11 RP insert).  I was only able to pick up 6 because that was all they had, it was a little disappointing, but I made $3, so that was cool.

4 Nature Valley Granola Bars - My price $1.96, Mega Sale price $5.96 (I used 2 of the $.50/1 Nature Valley soft oatmeal squares from 8/18 SS insert, and 2 of the Nature Valley granola thins from 8/11 SS insert).  The soft squares are perfect for the guys with very few teeth!

1 Fiber One Granola Bars - My price $.49, Mega Sale price $1.49 (I used 1 $.50/1 Fiber One chewy or 90 calorie bars from 7/14 SS insert).

1 Ivory 3-pack soap - My price $0, Sale price 10/$10 (used $.50/1 Ivory or Safeguard from PGE insert from 8/31).

10 Maruchan ramen cups - My price (-$2.50), Price $2.50 (used 5 of the $.50/2 Maruchan bowls or cups).  I did not worry so much about buying as much ramen as possible because I wanted to make the money for my plan for the rest of the week, and we had a box left over on Saturday that will carry over until this week.

I did pick up a few more things for my house I needed to make the Mega Sale thing work (you have to buy 5 to save $5) BUT my total for the vets was (-3.05) EXCEPT I received a $2.00 Catalina for the Nature Valley bars when I checked out.  That leaves me with buying all that stuff at ($-5.05) for the week!  So...since Kroger has grapes on sale for .99/lb I will be picking up 5lbs on Friday and putting them in baggies to distribute.  That will be around $5 and I think that people will be excited for the fresh fruit.

Also, in my fat envelope of coupons on Saturday was the $.75/1 State Fair products I ordered.  The hot dogs are $1.27 at Wal-mart so I could snag some for $.50 each.  If I can pull out another money-maker or Kroger restocks the shave gel I may be able to grab those as well.

Anyone have any ideas????

Friday, September 6, 2013

Week 5 - Moneymaker and End of Week Tally

Thanks to the coupons I was given late in the week, and the wonderful list over at, I totally scored, made money, and ended up with a load to take to the homeless tomorrow.  Thank goodness!!!!

Here's what I bought at Kroger:

15 Gillete shave preps: My Cost (-$7), Sale Price $.99/1 or $15 (used 1 $6/3 Gillete cartridge, razor or shave prep from 8/11 RP insert; used 4 of the $3/2 Gillete cartridge, razor or shave prep from 8/11 RP insert, and used 4 of the $1/1 Gillete cartridge, razor or shave prep from 8/11 RP insert)  I made $7!!!!

1 3-pack Ivory Soap: My Cost $0, Sale Price 10/$10 (used $.50/1 Ivory or Safeguard from 9/1 P&G insert)

1 Brut Deo:  My Cost $0, Sale Price 10/$10 (used $1/1 Brut)

1 pack of Bic Disposable Razors: My Cost (-.21), Sale Price $2.79 (used $3/1 Bic disposable razor from 8/11 SS insert)

2 Nature Valley Granola Bars: My Cost $.98 for 2, Mega Sale Price $2.98 for 2 (used 2 $.50/1 Nature Valley Granola Bars from 8/4 SS insert)

2 12- packs of Ramen noodles: My Cost $4.34 for 2, Regular Price $4.34 for 2

This put this shopping trip at ($-1.89) My Cost.  Can you believe that!!!  So this morning I ran into Publix and grabbed 1 more multi-pack of Ramen for an additional 2.19 and with the coupons I ordered this week for $9.75 here are the totals for the week.

Week 5 Tally:

My Cost:  $10.05
Products:  $39.05

Running Tally - End of Week 5
My Cost:  $26.71
Products:  $148.98


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 5 - Part A

All of the coupons in this Sunday's paper pretty much stank.  I don't see any fantastic sales, and I believe I have exhausted my coupon stash for "free" stuff.  I'm not giving up this week, but it's going to take a little more research.  I have a friend who said they have some coupons for me, so maybe I can pull something out the coupon swap.

So, since as of last week I was grossly underneath what should have been $20 spent at week 4, I have ordered coupons from a coupon clipping service - I like  Yes, it is paying for coupons, but don't we do that anyway when we buy the paper?  With shipping my total was $9.75, but I will be able to use those coupons to score LOTS more free stuff.  Way more than if I just bought the products straight off the shelves - because let's face it, I can actually make money and get more product with the coupons.   

As for the rest of the week, I may be buying boxes of Ramen noodles and calling it a day because I'm really not excited about the sales!  Crossing my fingers over here.

My First Trip

Saturday was my first trip to go to the camps and pass out food, water and personal care items.  The day started when I met up with Rusty and another volunteer and we loaded up the suburban with all the supplies that were donated for that week.  We then took off to about 20 different camps - most of which we stopped and parked, hiked to the camp, met and talked with the people, then they followed us down to the car and got their supplies.  Sounds simple enough right?  Each place was different and everyone had different needs.  Overall I have to say that the entire experience was amazing, awful, inspiring, devastating, fulfilling, terrifying, and quite educational. 

It was amazing.  Because some of these people have such a great outlook on their situation.  They have nice camps, keep pets, and are just trying to do the best they can.  Some even have gardens!  They were grateful for anything we were able to pass out, but most importantly grateful for the fellowship and to know that someone came to check on them/help them in any way possible.  The thing that I admire about Rusty and his organization is that he takes the time to try and help people obtain housing or their military benefits.  It's not just about passing out food, it's about helping these people get to a better place.

It was awful.  Because some of the camps were not so nice.  I've camped at Talladega and left on a Monday morning after the race and it is nasty - beer cans, garbage and all kinds of other unmentionable stuff everywhere.  A few of the camps made the track look like a palace.  I was prepared for garbage and beer cans, but I don't think I was mentally prepared to see people on drugs and talk to them and see their ragged camps and what their choices have done to their life. 

It was inspiring.  Because so many of the people - vets especially - were so positive.  They did library book swaps with us (I thought that was brilliant), or just got excited to see what was in the truck.  I had an entire conversation with a guy about how he likes to cook his ramen and Vienna sausages to make a perfect pasta for one.  Food for these people isn't about what you want, it's about what you have.  Shouldn't we all worry less about what we want and focus on what we have?

It was devastating.  Because I truly had no idea how many homeless were in our city.  I'm sure that there are many more camps that Rusty hadn't even heard about.  And I know that there are plenty of homeless who don't even have the benefit of having a camp.  If this is true in Huntsville, a city full of rocket scientists and engineers, I wonder how many more homeless there are a less forward city.  It is so sad to think about what people in our country are going through - literally in our own back yards.

It was fulfilling.  Because I took half a day out of my life and used it to pass out stuff that people needed.  I talked to them, took notes on special requests for next week, and got filthy disgusting dirty and a case of poison ivy, and felt like I worked hard for those few short hours.  It was awesome.  I made a difference and all it took was a little time and effort on my part. 

It was terrifying.  Because I had no idea where we were going.  Because I had met Rusty once and was flying on faith that we would be safe.  Because at one camp we had to check for dead people.  Because our last stop - tent city - was full of drunk guys that crowded around us and fought each other and made more than a few very lewd comments.  Because most importantly, I was WAY out of my comfort zone.  Because at the end of the day it was real.  And real life is far more terrifying than any movie.

It was educational.  Because at the first stop we fed and watered the dogs because the camp was empty and I didn't know we would do that.  Because at one stop a guy needed razors so I handed him a pack and he said, "No ma'am, I just need a few."  Can you say rookie?  Because items I had brought like the shave gel and facial cleansing cloths made everyone so excited, when I wasn't sure I should be picking them up.  Because now I know what types of foods people can actually use in the camps and what is really needed.  Because......well because it was something I had never done before. 

When I got home I was exhausted and emotionally drained.  But I had done what I promised myself and had seen what my little $5/week pledge can do for someone else.  I can't wait to go again this Saturday!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 4 - End of Week Tally and Running Total

It's the end of the week and I feel like I have made absolutely as much money and gotten as much product as I could.  It's a good feeling.  Here are the totals (can you believe all this stuff this week cost $4.37?  Money maker coupons rock!!!!

Week 4 Tally:

My Cost:  $4.37
Products:  $43.66

Running Tally - End of Week 4

My Cost:  $16.66
Products:  $109.93

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week 4 - Update and Moneymaker

I found a great coupon to go along with everything else this week.  It can be used 2 different ways: to either make $.50 per coupon, or to buy 4 items for completely free (this was at Publix, and I have not scoped out other stores because it may be an even bigger money maker at Walmart)

The first trip to Publix I used 2 of $.50/2 Maruchan bowls or Yakisoba noodles from the 8/25 SS insert - the double of course.  I only bought 4 of the bowls (which are 4 for $1) and used the 2 coupons and made $1, so I snagged another can of tuna. 

This morning I went back to Publix with 2 more of the same coupons and picked up 8 of the Maruchan bowls for completely free.

I have been looking for a coupon like this!!!!  Not only to donate to the homeless but for the kids to take to Sunday School to donate for Blessings in a Backpack.  Woohoo!!!!!  What a score when I was already at my $5 limit AND I'm passing out food in a camp this Saturday!

This coupon doesn't expire until the end of October, so I am going to take part of my budget next week and order more from a coupon clipping service. 

Happy, Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 4 - The Game Plan

Thank goodness I already had a good start to the week because this weeks sales are not looking awesome to me.  I do have a few things in mind though:

Today at Publix (last day of the sale):

4 Zatarain's Rice Mix - My Cost $2.00 for 4, Sale Price 10/$10 (using 2 of the $.50/2 Zatarain's rice mix). 

This put my total at $4.12, so now I'm going to get a little tricky......

Tomorrow at Publix:

4 Dove Anti-Perspirant  - My Cost $-4.00 for 4, Sale Price is 2.99 BOGO or 5.98 for 4 (using 2 $3 off Dove Go Sleeveless, Go Fresh, Cleartone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant or Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant, exp. 9/15/13 (RP 08/18/13) AND 2 OF $2/2 Dove Personal Care Item from Target Printable)

At this point, I am going to pick up as many cans of tuna I can get since I made money!!!!!!  Also, I'd really like to have complete meals to hand out this Saturday when I visit the homeless camp!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 4 - Part A

It is Sunday and I haven't even opened my papers yet or clipped coupons.  But.....I was doing a little research this morning and realized that I had some coupons that I could use to score more really cheap stuff!  I typically clip what I think I may use, then hold the inserts until the coupons have expired just in case I see a great deal and I can go back and clip it later.  It saves me time (I think) and this system just works for me.

Anyway....I went ahead and ended up spending around $2.12 at Wal-Mart this afternoon - just to get the week started?????

I bought 9 Gillette shave preps - My Cost $.86 for 9, Cost $18.86 for 9 (used 3 of the $6/3 Gillette Cartridge, Razor, Shave Prep or Skin Product coupons, NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS, 8/11 RP insert)

I bought 6 Neutrogena Make-up Removing/Cleansing Cloths - My Cost $1.32 for 6, Cost $11.82/6 (used 3 of the $3.50/2 Neutrogena Acne, Cleansing or Facial Moisture Treatment Products, excludes Bar Soap and Naturals Products, NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS, 7/28 SS insert)

Finally I picked up 2 10 packs of Bic pens - My Cost ($-.06) for 2, Cost $1.94 for 2 (used 2 $1/1 BIC Stationery Product coupons, 8/4 SS insert)

The shave gels messed up my total because some were 1.97, and some 2.24.  The cleansing cloths I bought because I thought it might be a good way for women to wash their face without using precious water.  The pens - they will probably go in the Sunday School supply closet and not towards the product total, but with my budget any moneymaker I can get will help my totals!!!!

Running Tally - Week 4

My Cost:  $2.12
Products:  $30.68

Not a bad start!!!!

Week 3 - Part B - Totals for the Week

Maybe because it was the first week of school, or just because I have been very busy, I ended up not grabbing anything else this week.  So here are my totals:
Week 3 Tally:
My Cost:  $2.42
Products:  $45.42
Running Tally - End of Week 3
My Cost:  $12.29
Products:  $66.27
Notice that I should be at $15 for my cost at week 3, but I am saving that money for a rainy day, or when I score something really big.  :-)

Friday, August 23, 2013

My New Charity

In the beginning I started this site in order to supplement the food pantry at church, or be mega prepared for the food drives at school.  Both are wonderful causes but the food pantry is funded (they need odds and ends), and food drives don't necessarily need the products I can score on my budget.  After a lot of looking around I found exactly what I wanted to focus on.

Last Saturday, I met a gentleman named Rusty.  Rusty is apparently a very active person in the community and does on a weekly basis what most of us would either judge, scorn, or ignore all together.  Rusty goes to the tent cities and feeds and clothes the homeless.  A LOT of these homeless are veterans.  Some are not.  All of these people could use a little help.

While talking to Rusty, I found out that personal care items such as deodorant and razors are very much needed, but they do have a lot of shampoo and toothpaste that is donated.  Their actual shortages run along the lines of "camp food" - fresh veg, ramen noodles, pudding cups, crackers, tuna etc. 

So, while I originally started this site in order to push myself to donate and show the power that we all have to help with very little money, my focus has changed a bit.  I will continue to strive to meet my goal, but my focus will be more along the lines of what these people could actually cook in camp and what Rusty tells me he is having a shortage of; not just what I can pick up for free (Make no mistake - I will ALWAYS pick up the free stuff because someone can use it!)

I am so excited to have a real focus, and to maybe make just a few people more comfortable and less hungry on my little budget.  With 76% of Americans still living paycheck-to-paycheck (, I think we should all have a little more compassion for what these people are going through.  Let's stop judging, and scorning, and ignoring the problem and try to help out the people in our own communities.

Update for Week 3

I was completely wrong about the Sure deodorant.  It is not 10/$10 at Kroger, but 4/$5.  I went ahead and picked it up 6 for $1.50, and here are the totals so far this week from what I have been able to pick up:

8 Bic Disposable Razors 8-12 packs- My Cost - ($ -1.92)/Actual 22.08
4 Colgate Toothpaste - My Cost - .84/Actual 3.84
6 Brut Deo - My Cost - 0/Actual 6.00
6 Sure Deo - My Cost - 1.50/Actual $7.5
6 Tuna Helper - My Cost $2.00/Actual 6.00

Running Tally for Week 3 so Far:

My Cost:  $2.42
Products:  $45.42

The razors really were a nice money maker for me, and I am still looking around for the best price on tuna or peanut butter.  Nice to see that sitting down and planning is starting to pay off!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 3 - Part A

This is going to be a fantastic week for the coupons.  Here is what I've spotted/am picking up so far:


8 Bic Disposable Razors - My Cost $-1.92 for 8, Cost $2.76 (Using $3/1 any Bic disposable razor)
4 Colgate Toothpaste - My Cost $.84 for 4, Cost $3.84 (Using .75/1 any Colgate toothpaste)


6 Brut Deodorant - My Cost $0 for 6, Sale Price $1.00 or $10/10 (Using $1/1 any Brut fragrance, deo, etc)
6 Sure Deodorant - My Cost $0 for 6, Sale Price $1.00 or $10/10 (Using $1/1 Sure deodorant)


6 Tuna Helper - My Cost $2 for 6, Sale Price $10/10, Cost $6 (using 2 $.75/3 Hamburger/Tuna Helper AND 3 Kroger $1/2 Hamburger Helper from sales flyer in Sunday paper)

Thus far this puts my total for week 3 at $.92, so I will probably take advantage of this and grab tuna, peanut butter or something of that nature. 

Week 2 - Part B

Here is what I ended up with this week.  I actually didn't spend the full $5, only $4.08; but that is ok since I'd like to keep a little play for the weeks ahead. 
Running Tally -  End of Week 2
My Cost:  $9.87
Products:  $20.85

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 2, Part A

Apparently I still have the "hurry and grab it bug" to get started.  I went to Publix and spent $2.58 and got 2 boxes of Barilla pasta BOGO ($1.11), and 2 Knorr sides BOGO ($1.29).  This does not help at all towards my end goal!!!  If you are a person that does not want to coupon at all Publix is a great place to shop just for the BOGOs, but NOW I have a P...L...A...N and have decided to calm down and shop smarter!

Starting Wednesday the new Publix sale starts, and here is my scenario there:

4 Suave Deodorant - My Cost $0, Sale BOGO $1.99/2 (using 2 $1/2 Publix coupon from Health and Beauty Flyer AND 2 $1/1 Suave Deo from

4 Hamburger Helper - My Cost $1 (.25 per box), Sale $10/10 (using Publix Digital $1/4 Hamburger Helper AND 2 Kroger $1/2 Hamburger Helper from sales flyer in Sunday paper)

4 BC Ultimate Potatoes IF included in 10/$10 sale - My Cost $1 (.25 per box), Sale $10/10 (using $.75/1 BC Ultimate Potatoes)

This puts my total so far at $4.83, products $14.56.

I am not done yet, will still be looking for items that pop up as free or super cheap, but I really wish I hadn't ran in and grabbed things without coupons.  If the Deodorant goes as I hope, then I will definitely be going back to pick up more, but there is a limit of 2 per trip on the one coupon.  I hope tomorrow goes well!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week 1

School is about to start, and the babies are starting preschool this year.  Imagine the shopping that can be done kid free!!!!  No more "Mommy I need to go potty." or "Mommy I'm hungry." No loading and unloading 3 kids from the car - I'm not entirely sure I'm going to know what to do with myself!

I know it is strange to start a venture of this sort at the beginning of August, but I am inspired by this idea and want to get it started!  This week Kroger has a Mega Savings event, and I totally jumped the gun because I was so excited about the LOAD I was going to get for less than $5.  Unfortunately, they were out of everything I wanted, so below is my not so productive first attempt.  Oh well, this is going to be a work in progress I'm sure.

1 Betty Crocker Ultimate Potatoes - Cost .25, Sale price $1.00 (used .75/1 BC Ultimate Pot or HH)
2 Barilla Plus Spaghetti - My Cost $1, Sale price 10/$10 (used $1 off 2 Kroger digital coupon)
2 Velveeta Cheesy Skillet - My Cost $2.79 for 2, Sale $3.79 BOGO (used $1/2 Kraft skillet meals)
1 BC Ultimate Hamburger Helper - My Cost $1.75, Sale $2.50 (used .75/1 BC Ultimate Pot or HH)

I was actually going to get 6 of the Potatoes for $.25 and some Barilla microwave bowls, but they were out and it really messed up my trip!  Oh well, next week I start sooner and will be adding other stores.  One more week until school starts and the real savings begin!

Running Tally - Week 1

My Cost:  $5.79
Products:  $9.29

I'm really going to have to step up my game to reach my goal!!!!