Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 6 - Change in Focus and The Game Plan

I went and distributed food again on Saturday.  It was a much better trip.  I wasn't nearly as overwhelmed and was able to focus more on what was needed - and people started to warm up a bit.  I imagine that a stranger coming into your camp is quite disconcerting even if that stranger is there with the best of intentions.

The new focus is fresh foods and protein.  That is difficult on my budget of $5/week but I think if I'm crafty I can get it done.  I will still be picking up the shave gels and razors because they are greatly needed, but I really need to pull out some moneymakers to make the money stretch.  There are other things that I can and will be doing, such as taking cucumbers and tomatoes from my garden and making bread and passing out rolls; however, I may have a week that the only money I spend is on fresh fruit or canned goods.  That is really going to hinder my end product goal I had set for myself, but at the time I wasn't involved in this organization and had really just set a goal to push myself to get started.  The important thing is nutrition not my silly mind games for myself. 

The game plan for this week is a crafty one.  It almost makes me laugh because sometimes I feel like I am stealing, but a coupon is cash is it not?  I received the coupons I ordered online on Saturday, so Sunday I hit Kroger like a freight train. 

I picked up 6 Gillette shave gels - My price (-$3.00), Mega Sale price $5.94 (I used 3 of the $3/2 Gillette shave prep, cartridges etc. from 8/11 RP insert).  I was only able to pick up 6 because that was all they had, it was a little disappointing, but I made $3, so that was cool.

4 Nature Valley Granola Bars - My price $1.96, Mega Sale price $5.96 (I used 2 of the $.50/1 Nature Valley soft oatmeal squares from 8/18 SS insert, and 2 of the Nature Valley granola thins from 8/11 SS insert).  The soft squares are perfect for the guys with very few teeth!

1 Fiber One Granola Bars - My price $.49, Mega Sale price $1.49 (I used 1 $.50/1 Fiber One chewy or 90 calorie bars from 7/14 SS insert).

1 Ivory 3-pack soap - My price $0, Sale price 10/$10 (used $.50/1 Ivory or Safeguard from PGE insert from 8/31).

10 Maruchan ramen cups - My price (-$2.50), Price $2.50 (used 5 of the $.50/2 Maruchan bowls or cups).  I did not worry so much about buying as much ramen as possible because I wanted to make the money for my plan for the rest of the week, and we had a box left over on Saturday that will carry over until this week.

I did pick up a few more things for my house I needed to make the Mega Sale thing work (you have to buy 5 to save $5) BUT my total for the vets was (-3.05) EXCEPT I received a $2.00 Catalina for the Nature Valley bars when I checked out.  That leaves me with buying all that stuff at ($-5.05) for the week!  So...since Kroger has grapes on sale for .99/lb I will be picking up 5lbs on Friday and putting them in baggies to distribute.  That will be around $5 and I think that people will be excited for the fresh fruit.

Also, in my fat envelope of coupons on Saturday was the $.75/1 State Fair products I ordered.  The hot dogs are $1.27 at Wal-mart so I could snag some for $.50 each.  If I can pull out another money-maker or Kroger restocks the shave gel I may be able to grab those as well.

Anyone have any ideas????

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