Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 6 - End of Week Tally

I am going to apologize in advance because I did not take a picture of the items I bought earlier in the week, and I already dropped them off yesterday at Rusty's so they could organize the truck and have it ready. 

As you may have read, I already picked up quite a bit this week:
6 Shave Gels
5 boxes of granola bars
1 soap
10 ramen cups
2 dog food
2 ravioli

....but I was left with a huge amount (-4.71 after Walmart trip) leftover to spend.  So, today I went back to Kroger.  Would you believe that they restocked the shave gels?  I made ANOTHER $2 on those, then just bought grapes, toilet paper, ravioli (the vets love that stuff!) and 2 more boxes of granola bars, and oh a box of Emerald on the Go because it was the free Friday download at Kroger.  Here's the breakdown:

4 Gillete Shave Preps - My Cost (-2.00 for 4), Sale Price 3.99 for 4 (used $3/2 Gillete - the one I've used over and over and over)
1 Angel Soft 4-Pack - My cost .27, Sale Price $1.17 (used $.45/1 Angel Soft)
4 Ravioli - My Cost and Price $2.76
2 Nature Valley Granola - My Cost $.98, Sale Price $2.98 for 2 (used 2 of the $.50/1 Nature Valley granola thins)
1 Emerald on the Go - My Cost $0, Price $2.99
5lbs of Red Grapes - My Cost and Price $4.95

I'm done, and going to pack up some grapes for tomorrow!

Week 6 Tally

My Cost:  $2.25?????
Products:  $41.07

Running Tally - End of Week 6
My Cost:  28.96
Products:  190.05

I have to say that this was a great week!!!!!!!!!!

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