Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How To Use Your $10/$50 Target Coupon at Publix - Part 1

I posted earlier to run and get Sunday's paper because of the $10/$50 Target coupon but I didn't really elaborate on why for those of you that are just starting out couponing.  The reason behind that is because there are so many fantastic deals going on right now not only can you stock up on things like shampoo and deodorant, but if you play your cards right you can end up getting a free turkey or anything else you need for your home!  The trick is to have your total at the register ring up as close to $50.00 as possible BEFORE you hand them your stack of coupons.  It's intimidating at first I know (and quite frankly scary if you're on a tight budget) but if you take your time, write down what you're going to buy, and refrain from picking up "extras" you can really start making your money stretch at the grocery store.  Since the Holidays are upon us and we could all use a little extra cash, I will start posting more of the deals that will hopefully help out.  Remember, you only have until 11/23 to use this one!

TRESemme Hair Spray, Mouse and Shampoo are $4.49.  Use 1 $3/2 Clear Scalp or TRESemme Publix coupon AND $5/2 TRESemme from the Sunday paper.  That makes each one $.49!  There is a limit of 2 coupons for this one, but you can also print $2/1 TRESemme from coupons.com to get around this (thanks for the tip couponaholic.net!)  That will make 2 bottles $.98 each.

Sundown Natural Vitamins are $3.59+.  Use $5/2 Sundown Publix coupon from the Health and Beauty flyer AND $1/1 Sundown from the 11/3 Red Plum insert. There is also a digital Publix coupon available to load.  That makes each bottle $.09+ depending on what you buy.

Ending Today

Suave Deodorant is $1.99 BOGO.  Use 2 $.25/1 Suave Deo from Sunday's paper AND $1/2 Suave products Publix couon from the Health and Beauty Flyer.  FREE, but the limit is 2 unless you use print 2 more coupons from coupons.com.

Beneful Dog Treat $4.29 BOGO.  Use 1 BOGO Beneful from Sundays paper AND 1 BOGO Beneful Publix coupon from All the Trimmings.  This is a possible $4.29 money maker depending on how your store rings up the coupon, but at the very least it is FREE.

Prego Spaghetti Sauce $3.39 BOGO.  Use $.40/2 Prego from the newspaper that will double making each jar $1.30 each.

Mt. Olive Pickles or Relish $2.39 BOGO.  Use 2 $.50/1 Mt. Olive Pickles making each jar $.20.

Campbell's Cream of Chicken $1.33 BOGO.  Use $.40/3 Campbell's from coupons.com.  Buy 6 and use 2 of the $.40/3 to pay $.40 a can.

Part 1 - Scenario/Deal Idea

1.  Buy 4 TRESemme for $4.49.  Use 2 Publix coupons and 2 manufacturer.  Your cost $1.96, Register Price is $17.96.

2.  Buy 4 Beneful Dog Treats.  Use 2 Publix and 2 manufacturer.  Your cost is $0, Register Price is $8.58.

3.  Buy 2 Suave Deo.  Use 1 Publix and 2 manufacturer.  Your cost $0, Register is $1.99.

4.  Buy 2 Sundown Natural Vitamins.  (example is Melatonin for $3.99 each.) Use 1 Publix and 2 manufacturer.  Your cost $.98 for 2, Register price is $7.98.

5. Buy 2 Mt. Olive Pickles.  Use 2 manufacturer coupons.  Your cost $.39, Register is $2.39.

At this point the Register Total is $38.90.  This means what the cashier is going to ring everything up as before your coupons.  Now, this is where you have to spend an extra $11.10 to get to your $50 goal.  You can do 1 of 2 things at this point.  1.  You can buy meat, milk, or cheese or something you need for the week. OR 2. You can make your money stretch even further by buying things you have coupons for such as Campbell's and Prego.  This will make your total lower, but since it is Thanksgiving, lets say that we bought $11.10 of a $.59/lb Publix Young Turkey.  You have now reached $50 at the register you give the cashier your $10/$50 Target coupon first (that is important!), then all of your other coupons, do not forget to enter your phone number for your digital coupons.

Register Price $50.00
Out of Pocket Price $3.33 + tax !!!!!! 
  (If your store actually deducts the Beneful coupons as $4.29 instead of $2.15, your total will  actually  be -$5.25.  Yes, they will have to pay YOU $5.25.)

I will be posting a Part 2 Scenario in the next day or so to match with the new Publix ad. 

Happy Shopping!!!

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