Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

I hope everyone is enjoying their time with friends and family.  My family actually did all of our traveling last weekend, so we have spent a wonderful last couple of days just "being" in my house.  Yesterday my girls, husband and I cooked and baked all day long with a very short break in which we tackled the yard as a family.  It was absolutely the perfect day.  My husband and I have this rhythm when we work together that is more like a force, and my girls are always right in the middle of everything.  I have felt thankful for every moment and memory.

While enjoying yesterday it was bittersweet knowing that our homeless friends were out in the cold.  I know that there was an overflow of people out feeding and providing fellowship though, so I was content to stay home and enjoy our time. 

Unfortunately, I have not really seen an super deals to report this week.  Of course I will be posting my tally, but in all honesty I have been making turkey soup to pass out tomorrow and I am afraid that I will not have a great deal other than that to contribute. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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