Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week 48 - End of Week Totals

This particular week I was so unimpressed with the Publix ad that I made the dreaded Wal-mart trip.  It went surprisingly smooth though, so all in all I'm going to call it a good trip.  Also, I was lucky enough to find the instant gallon tea mixes, and turns out our homeless friends loved them.  Score!  Here's what I donated:

22 Mahatma Rice Mixes - $.75 each, I paid $.75 for 2, or $8.25 for all 11.
I used 11 of the $.75/2 Mahatma rice from 4/27 RP insert.

8 Luzianne Pour and Stir - $1.00 each.  I paid $.25 each or $2.00 total.
I used 8 of the $.75/1 Luzianne Pour and Stir from 6/8 SS insert.

Since I am so grossly over, I'm going to go old school on this one and split my totals in half.  No, I didn't have a donation, but I'm only supposed to spend $5/week!

End of Week Totals:

My Cost:  $5.12
Products:  $12.25

Running Tally - End of Week 48

My Cost:  $244.97

Products:  $1160.95

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