Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week 50 - Publix Shop #1

I cannot believe I'm on week 50.  I've already spent the money I designated to spend, but I'd like to continue out the next 3 weeks to see what kind of goals I can set for myself for this year.  So, because I'm basically way over, I really debated about what I was going to donate this week.  It would have been pretty easy to run into Aldi and snag some cans of soup, but instead I decided to go full boxes of cereal.  I've got 12 so far, and I'm hoping I can snag some more at CVS this week on clearance too - bye, bye budget!!!  Alright, here's what I bought:

2 M&Ms - $2.93 BOGO.  I paid $-.07!!!
I used 2 of the $1/1 M&M from 7/13 RP insert AND $1/2 M&M Target printable.

12 Cheerios - $3.23 BOGO.  I paid $.28 each, or 3.38 total. 
I used 10 of the $.50/1 Cheerios in Yellow Box from 6/22 RP insert (which doubled to $1.00)
I used 2 of the $.50/1 Honey Nut Cheerios from 7/13 SS insert (which doubled to $1.00).
I used 4 of the $1/3 Big G cereal Target printable coupons.
(The yellow box Cheerios are for the homeless and Honey Nut for my family.  Because of the limits my Publix uses - 10 like items - I went back and did the opposite deal again.  10 Honey Nut and 2 Yellow box, so I officially have 12 boxes for the homeless).

1 Crisco - $3.49 BOGO or $1.75 each.
No coupons used.

4 Matlaw Clams Casino - $3.99 each.  I paid $-4.00!!!!
I used 4 of the $4.99/1 Matlaw printables (NLA???)

1 Gallon Milk - $2.99.
No coupons used.

1 Grapes - $2.21.
No coupons used.

2 Tomatoes - $1.51.
No coupons used.

1 Pampers Wipes - $1.99.  I paid $.99.
I used the $.50/1 Pampers wipes from 7/31 PG insert (which doubled to $1).

2 Gwaltney Sausage - $1.00 BOGO.
No coupons used.

2 Franks Red Hot - $1.29 each.  I paid $-.32!!!!
I used 2 of the $.75/1 Franks Red Hot Sauce Publix coupon from Summer Grilling booklet.
I used 2 of the $.35/1 Franks Red Hot from 5/11 SS insert (which both doubled to $.70)

1 Publix Romano and Parmesan Cheese - $2.89.  I paid $2.49.
I used $.40/1 Kroger Parmesan Cheese mailer coupon.

I also used a $5/$50 Star Market coupon (thank you Misty because I was out!!!)

I paid $6.93 for $98.57 of groceries before tax AND I have the majority of the homeless donation done.  YAY!

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