Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Week 48ish - Not Putting It in My Totals Y'all

You know, sometimes it's very difficult to buy in the quantity that I feel like I need to buy in for the homeless.  I didn't used to buy in such quantity because in all actuality, we do not keep a huge stockpile in my household.  I do keep enough personal care in the cupboards for a year, but for the most part to feed my family I rely on fresh veg and whatever I can make from scratch to feed my family (that is why I donate all the processed foods that I buy!!!!)  Regardless, I did pull out a huge donation for week 48, but in all honesty I misused coupons (primarily with the mustard because I didn't realize the limits on the coupons).  That being said....I was able to pull out 39 packs of hot dogs that I froze AND a few mustards.  I will not be adding this to my totals, nor will it be week 48.  HOWEVER - with the buns that were donated from Rusty along with my hot dogs from I feel like our homeless friends had a little bit nicer 4th of July weekend.  And in all honesty, that's all that matters anyway.

For those of u that may want to know:  we hand the hot dogs out frozen so they will last longer.  Most everyone has at least a styrofoam cooler to keep food in-this way  they will last at least a day or 2 in this heat.  Also, there are lots of camps that share, so I didn't feel so bad about not having much mustard.

And thanks again Russell for jumping on board.

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