Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week 49 - End of Week Totals

Alright, I went pretty light in my donation this week because AGAIN I am grossly over my spend amount.  Luckily I was able to pull out a few wipes and I had a "coupon donation" from a buddy because the tea went over so well.  Thank goodness because this week was not looking good for me at all!

9 Luzianne Pour and Stir - $1.00 each.  I paid $.25 each or $2.25 total.
I used 9 of the $.75/1 Luzianne Pour and Stir from 6/8 SS insert.

6 Brut Deo - $10/10.  I paid FREE.
I used 6 of the $1/1 Brut from 5/18 SS insert.

6 Dove Deo - $2.63 BOGO.  I paid $1.89 for all 6.
I used 3 of the $2/2 Dove products Publix coupon from the purple advantage flyer.

11 Neutrogena Facial Wipes - $1.99 each.  I paid $-.11!!!
I used 11 of the $2/1 Nuetrogena Publix coupon from the purple advantage flyer.

End of Week Totals

My Cost:  $4.03

Products:  $54.78

Running Tally  - End of Week 49

My Cost:  $249.00
Products:  $1215.73

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