Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week 42 - End of Week Totals

I had such an incredible shopping week this week, that I cannot possibly count this donation as any money spent.  See for yourself HERE and HERE.  After thinking about it, I'm actually going to count this donation as a $-3.06 MM (I wasn't out of pocket for any of it anyway, and I need it to get closer to my totals).  Keep in mind that I did make a couple of mistakes by buying in quantity for the Knorr and Lipton together - just keep your eyes out for the limits - I'm sure you'll do a better job than I did.  Here it is:

12 Quaker Granola Bars - $2.34 BOGO.  I paid $1.34 for 2. 
I used 6 of the $1/2 Quaker Big Chewy bars from 5/4 RP insert.  

6 Lipton Tea - $1.29.  I paid $-3.06!!!!
I used 6 of the $1/1 Lipton Best Meals coupons AND 6 of the $.40/1 Lipton from 5/18 RP insert (which all doubled to $.80).  I wanted to buy the BOGO ones but my store was out!!!!  

10 Dole Pineapple - 3/$4.  I paid $.25 each. 
I used 5 of the $.50/2 Dole from 4/6 SS insert (which all doubled to $1).  

10 Knorr Sides - $1.19 BOGO.  I paid $.95 for all 10.
I used 5 of the $.50/2 Knorr sides from 5/18 RP insert (which all doubled to $1.00).  

End of Week Totals:

My Cost:  $-3.06
Products:  $35.23

Running Tally - End of Week 42

My Cost:  $213.66
Products:  $956.43

I still have $10 of donation money left (from my Dad to add to my weekly donations) AND now I am finally getting a little closer to where I'm supposed to be at ($210 at 42 weeks).

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