Friday, May 23, 2014

Week 42 - Publix Trip #2

I had an awesome trip to Publix yesterday!  You guys all know that I always plan to shop up to that $45 mark with as many freebies, super cheap items and money-makers as possible in order to use my competitor coupon - that is how I buy milk, meat, etc.  Somewhere along the way that typically includes the homeless donation, and helps keep me stocked up.  Well, let me tell you that all the cards lined up for me yesterday, and to be perfectly honest with you I was stunned at the register when the cashier took the full $10 off my total with the $10/$50 Target coupon (I spoke to another couponer and she said that this Publix always takes the full amount!!!)  So, thinking back, I should have just asked the bagger to grab another gallon of milk, but instead I was totally flustered.  I bought the cashier a pack of cookies and had my quarter ready to pay my $.17, and then I noticed she had one more coupon to go.  Man.  I really could have paid $1 and some change for another gallon of milk!!!  Oh well, now I know where I'm shopping when those high dollar Target coupons come out (Airport Rd)!!!  Here we go:

1 Publix Milk - $3.55.  No coupons used.

6 L'Oreal face wipes - $1.99 (after $5 auto deduct).  I paid $-6.06!!!
I used 6 of the $3/1 L'Oreal AgePerfect, Revitalift etc.  from 5-18 RP insert.

10 Knorr Sides - $1.19 BOGO.  I paid $.95 for all 10.
I used 5 of the $.50/2 Knorr sides from 5/18 RP insert (which all doubled to $1.00).  These are for the homeless and I am counting them as free of course!!!  Note:  It has been brought to my attention that there was a limit of 2 like coupons for these.  I should have ONLY bought 4 because the coupon is for 2 of the sides.  I aplogize everyone - I'm typically much more diligent than that and it will not happen again.  Please do not violate the coupon policy like I did.

4 Frenchs Mustard - $1.85 BOGO.  I paid $-.27!!!!
I used 4 of the $.50/1 Frenchs from 5/11 SS insert (2 of these doubled to $1.00, one only doubled to $.97??).

2 Planters Nuts - $3.99 BOGO.  I paid $2.99 for both.  
I used $1/2 Planters nuts from 4/13 SS insert.  (Yes, I know one is open and half gone but my not so little helpers really needed a snack!)

4 Kens Dressing - $3.51 BOGO.  I paid $3.02 for all 4.
I used 4 of the $.50/1 Kens 16oz from 5/4 RP insert (which all doubled to $1).

1 Bic Soleil Razor - $3.99.  I paid $.99.
I used the $3/1 Bic Soleil from 5/4 SS insert.

2 Lipton Tea - $1.29 each.  I paid $-1.02!!!
I used 2 of the $1/1 Lipton Best Meals Publix emailed coupons AND 2 of the $.40/1 Lipton from the 5/18 RP insert (which both doubled to $.80).

1 Publix Chocolate Syrup - $2.19.  No coupons used.

6 Vanity Fair Napkins 80ct, - $2.29 BOGO.  I paid $-.83!!!
I used 6 of the $.75/1 Vanity Fair Publix coupons from 5/11 RP insert AND 4 of the $.55/1 Vanity Fair peelies AND 1 of the $1/2 Vanity Fair from 4/6 RP insert.

1 Snackwells Cookies - .55.  No coupons used.
I gave these to the cashier.

I also used the $10/$50 Target coupon which deducted the entire $10!!!

My total at the register was $-3.94, or $-.83 after tax, saving $115.67.  Umm, and I received a $.50 back from Ibotta.  


  1. So you bought all of this in one transaction, even though RP coupons have transaction limits (which you clearly violated).
    THIS irresponsible usage is the reason why RP is pulling out of the Tampa Bay market. Please don't post blog entries which promote this behavior.

    1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I was not as diligent as I should have been - the knorr sides did have a limit of 2. I did note this on the page. My goal is not to abuse any coupon but to do these shops correctly while being able to donate.

  2. This is fantastic!! Great job!! Lots of moneymakers! Wish Florida doubled coupons on weeks like these!

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  3. Thanks Catherine! I love your site! Please note that I really did mess up buying all the Knorr sides at once, and should have limited that to 4.

  4. Thank you for the note, I know lots of people (including me) look at blogs like this to craft a shop for themselves. And I had just read the news that Redplum won't be in the Tampa newspaper anymore, so I was a bit grumpy. Thank you for updating your post, and happy shopping!

    1. That would make me grumpy too! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!