Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Week 45 - End of Week Totals - I HIT MY GOAL ALREADY!!!!!

Personal care last week....

At Kroger:
8 Gillette Deo - $1.29.  I paid $.29, or $2.32 for all 8.  These are for the homeless.
I used 4 of the $2/2 Gillette Deo or Body Wash from 6/1 PG insert (limit 4 like coupons) OR
$2/2 Gillette Kroger Digital coupon OR
$1/1 Gillette Clear Gel printable (if applicable)

10 EAS Bars - $1.  I paid FREE!  
I used 10 of the $1/1 any EAS products from 5/11 SS insert.

At Publix:  This is very tricky, but it's 3 different shops with the $5/$15 Target coupon:
4 Dove Body Wash - $3.99 each.  
I used 2 of $2/2 Dove for Men or Axe Publix Purple Advantage Flyer coupon.

4 Dove Shampoo - $4.49 each.
I used 4 of the Free Dove Fortifying Shampoo wyb Dove Body Wash from 6/1 RP insert (both deducted $4.49) AND 2 of the $2/2 Dove for Men or Axe Publix Purple Advantage Flyer coupon.

6 Herbal Essence Shampoo - 2/$5.  

I used 3 of the $3/2 Herbal Essence Shampoo from 5/11 PG insert AND 2 of the $1/2 Herbal Essence Publix go on a Stocking Spree mailer booklets.

1 Ivory Soap - $1.39.  I paid $-.41!!!

I used the $1/1 Ivory Publix Go on a Stocking Spree coupon AND $.40/1 Ivory from 6/1 PG insert (which doubled to $.80).

Because this was 3 different transactions, all using the $5/$15 Target coupon, I'm calling all of these items from Publix $-.46 (since I was not smart enough to have the Stocking Spree coupon on one of the shops for the Herbal Essence).  A less confusing breakdown HERE.


2 Speedstick Gear - 2/$8.  I paid FREE, and received $2 ECB (holding for next week).
I used 1 $4/1 Speedstick Gear CVS coupon that printed at the bottom of my receipt the week before AND 2 of the $2/1 Speedstick Gear from 6/15 SS insert.

4 Aloe Lotion - $.31 each (clearance).  I paid $.24 for all 4.
I used a $1/2 Lotions CVS coupon from bottom of my receipt.

I honestly had no idea that I did not spend enough last week!!!!

End of Week Totals

My Cost:  $2.22!!!!!

Products:  $79.87

(Told y'all it was personal care time - hehe!!!)

Running Tally - End of Week 45

My Cost:  $223.44

Products:  $1070.46

At this point, I still have an extra $10, and a little extra to go on for next week.  YAY!!!!!

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