Friday, June 27, 2014

Week 47 - My Publix Haul

I had an awesome trip to Publix today despite the fact that my Publix only had one Right Guard Xtreme Clear left.  I usually debate whether or not I'm going to do the gas card deal - not because I won't spend $50 to qualify, but because I don't usually have the gas card on me when I need it.  But, after reading this article: I decided to go for it - especially since I needed gas and I was going to head straight to the gas station afterwards with no chance of misplacing said card.  So, this shop has an additional $10 saving from the Publix gas card coupon AND an additional $5 off from my $5/$50 Star Market competitor coupon.  Here's the breakdown:

2 6-packs Sunkist - $3.99 BOGO.  I paid $1 each or $2 total
I used the BOGO 7-Up, A&W, Sunkist, etc Publix coupon from Green Advantage Flyer.

4 Betty Crocker Cornbread & Muffin Mix - 2/$1.  I paid $-1.00!!!
I used 2 of the $1.50/2 Betty Crocker Mixes Publix Best Meals coupons (on display in the store).  I was really hoping they would have more of these so I can make something up for my homeless friends.

3 Fruit Loops - $3.69 BOGO.  I paid $.84 each, or $2.53 for all 3.
1 Gallon Milk - $3.39.  I paid FREE.
I used 3 of the $.50/1 Fruit Loops printable (which all doubled to $1) AND 1 FREE gallon of Milk wyb 3 Kelloggs Fruit Loops Publix coupon from the green flyer.

4 30oz Heinz Ketchup - $3.09 BOGO.  I paid $2.18 for all 4.
I used 4 of the $.50/1 Heinz (which all doubled to $1) from 6/22 RP insert.

2 Dixie Plates - 2/$4.  I paid $.90 for both.
I used 1 $2/2 Dixie products Publix coupon from $5 Children's Miracle Network donation sheet AND 2 of the $.55/1 Dixie from 5/18 RP insert.

6 Zatarains Frozen Entrees - 2/$3.19.  I paid $.59 each or $3.57 for all 6.
I used 6 of the $.50/1 Zatarains (which doubled to $1) from 6/22 RP insert.

2 Hellman's Mayo - $4.73 BOGO.  I paid $2.73 for both.
I used 2 of the $1/1 Hellman's from 6/22 RP insert.

4 Cheezit - $3.39 BOGO.  I paid $.69 each, or $2.78 for all 4.
I used 2 of the $2/2 Cheezit Publix coupon from the $5 Children's Micracle Network donation sheet.

1 Right Guard Xtreme Clear - $2.83 BOGO.  I paid $-.59!!!!
I used 1 of the $2/1 Right Guard Xtreme from 6/15 RP insert.

2 M&M - $3.89 BOGO.  I paid $1.89 for both.
I used the $1/2 M&M Target printable coupon AND the $1/2 Mars, M&M etc. from 6/22 RP insert.

I also used the $5 Star Market and $10 gas card coupons.

My total at the register was $2.00, or $6.67 after tax, saving $93.00.  BUT if you want to get technical, I paid $56.67 total because I walked out with my $50 gas card...which I spent immediately.  ;-)

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