Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 47 - My Frantic Publix Shop This Morning

It is super hot outside and that just doesn't bode well when shopping with three children.  Everyone gets cranky, including Mommy because it seems to take 20 minutes just to get in and out of the car (how spoiled did school make me???).  So, I decided to shop before the hubs had to leave for work today - KID FREE -and since Publix doesn't open until 7am here, I had about 15 minutes to run in, check out, and be on the way back home - not a problem considering I would still be out in the parking lot getting the kids out of the car on a normal day.  Keep in mind that I don't really need anything at my house - this is by no means our groceries for the week.  My garden is producing AND I've worked out a swap for more garden veg from a friend (more on that later), so this shop is primarily for the homeless.  I will say that the normal route for the homeless is changing, so I will probably be cooking more so there will be more food to hand out during the week.

2 Maxwell House Coffee - $4.39 BOGO.  I paid $3.39 for both.
I used 1 of the $1/2 Maxwell House Publix Go on a Stocking Spree coupons.

1 Dial Pump - $10/10.  I paid $.50.
1 Dial Bar Soap - $2.79 BOGO.  I paid $.90, but received $1 back from Ibotta (for some reason the soap keeps popping up on my Ibotta app).
I used 1 of the $1/2 Dial from 6/15 RP insert which covered both Dial items.

6 Suddenly Salad - $1.99 BOGO.  I paid $-.03!!!
I used 3 of the $.50/2 Suddenly Salad from 6/8 SS insert (which doubled to $1) AND 3 of the $1/2 Suddenly Salad Publix coupons hang tags or Best Meals coupons.  I bought these to go with some of the boxes I bought last week to cook up to serve to the homeless - I'll probably add tuna and peas or cucumbers to make it more of a meal.

10 BC Cornbread and Muffin Mix - 2/$1.  I paid $-2.50!!!
I used 5 of the $1.50/2 Betty Crocker (BC) baking mixes Publix Best Meals Hang Tag coupons located in the store.  I'm actually going to try and get my hands on a few more of these and maybe do some type of Mexican cornbread salad or something next week to hand out or I will give them to my buddy Theresa with Feed the Flock so she can make them up to pass out with the hot meals.

6 Zatarians - $2.09 BOGO  I paid $1.09 for 2, or $3.27 total.
I used 3 of the $.50/2 Zatarains from 6/22 RP insert (which doubled to $1 AND had no limits).

10 Campbells Soup - $10/10.  I paid $.56 each, or $5.60 for all 10.
I used 3 of the .40/3 Campbells soup printable (which doubled to $.80) AND 2 of the $1/5 Campbells Publix Best Meals Hang Tag coupons. These are for the homeless.

4 Alka Selter - $1.94 (after 25% off - originally $2.59).  I paid $-.24!!!
I used 2 of the $4/2 Bayer, One A Day, or Alka Seltzer from 6/15 RP insert.  These are for the homeless.

2 Nature's Bounty Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc - $5.19.  I paid $.19 each, or $.38 for both.
I used 2 of the $2/1 Nature's Bounty from 6/22 RP insert AND 2 of the $3/1 Natures Bounty Publix coupons from the purple advantage flyer.

I also used a $5/$50 Star market competitor coupon.

My total at the register was $7.28, which was higher than I thought it should be but I did not have time to figure it out.  Somehow, I did not get the Dial coupon for $1 to the cashier, or it was lost in the shuffle - next time I go to Publix I will have that corrected. total really was $6.28, or $11.26 after tax, saving $73.43.

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