Friday, February 7, 2014

Publix, Publix, Publix, Publix, Publix!!!!

I think I ran into Publix about 6 times this week.  Doesn't that sound ridiculous?  There were so many freebies and money-makers though, lots with Limit 2, that I just had to do it.  Luckily, the Publix I normally shop at is literally blocks away from my oldest's school, so it's really not a big deal to do a quick run in.  I'm only going to list 2 of those trips here, but I wanted everyone to see how I can stick to my $40/week for a family of 5.  Keep in mind that I was extremely lucky to have a lot of fresh veg already in the fridge for the week so all I really needed to buy was milk, cheese, etc.  Most of the items I bought this week were to stock up.

Trip 1:  The New Best Meals Coupons came this morning and I saw 2 MM I had to get!

2 Red Baron Pizza - Sales Price $5.99 BOGO.  My Price $4.99.  Used $1/2 Red Baron.

2 16-ct Lipton Tea - Sales Price $1.29 each, My Price $1.02 MM!  Used 2 $1/1 Lipton Tea Publix coupon from Best Meals AND 2 $.40/1 Lipton.

2 Nature Made Vitamin D - Sales Price $3.99 each.  My Price $1.02 MM!  Used $5/2 Nature Made Publix coupon AND 2 of the $2/1 Nature Made vitamin D.

2 Halls Cough Drops - Sales Price $1.45 BOGO.  My Price $.45, BUT received $1 in my Checkout51 account.  Used $1/2 Halls Blinkie.

2 Knorr Homestyle Stock - Sales Price 2/$3.99.  My Price $.51 MM!  Used 2 $1.25 Knorr Homestyle stock Publix Best Meals coupon AND 2 $.50/1 Knorr Homestyle Stock coupons.

My total at the register was $3.89, actually $5.51 after tax, saving $29.50.  As usual, I am happy because I paid less than what I would have for just the pizza alone.

Trip 2:  This trip on 2/5 ended up larger than expected...

6 Grands Biscuits - Sales Price $10/10, My Price $.41 MM! AND I received $.40 deposit in the Upromise account.  I used 2 $2/3 Pilsbury Target printable AND 3 of the $.40/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Breadsticks, Loaves or Dinner Rolls exp 4/19.

6 cans Fancy Feast - Sales Price $.54 each.  My Price $.37 each.  Used $1/6 Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers exp 2/17.

1 Minute Maid Coolers - Sales Price $1.43, no coupons used.

2 Lipton Tea 16-ct - Sales Price $1.29 each.  My Price $..52 MM!  Used 2 $.75/1 Lipton Publix hang tag AND 2 $.40/1 Lipton.

6 Halls Cough Drops - Sales Price $1.45 BOGO.  My Price $1.35 for all 6.  AND received $1 deposited in my Checkout51 account.  Used 3 $1/2 Halls Blinkie.

2 Axe Shave Gel - Sales Price $3.07, My Price $.14.  Used 2 $2/1 Axe face product from 1/26 RP AND $2/2 Axe products from purple Publix flyer.

4 Nature Made Vitamin D - Sales Price $3.99 each.  My Price $1.04 MM!  Used 2 $5/2 Nature Made Publix coupon AND 3 of the $2/1 Nature Made vitamin D and 1 $1/1 Nature Made.

2 Hefty Slider Bags - Sales Price 2/$3.  My Price $1.00 for both.  Used 2 of the $.50/1 Hefty Target printable coupons AND 1 $1/2 Hefty from 1/5 RP.

2 V-8 Splash - Sales Price $2.69 BOGO.  Used $1/2 V-8 Splash from 1/12 SS insert.

2 Cheerios - Sales Price 2/$4.  My Price $1.25 for both.  Used B1G1 Cheerios AND $.75/2 General Mills Target printable.

2 Gortons Fish Sticks - Sales Price $4.38 BOGO.  My Price $3.38.  Used $1/2 Gortons printable AND 2 Free Alexia wyb Gorton's Publix Game Favoites (see below).

2 Alexia Potatoes - Sales Price $3.79 each.  My Price $2.00 MM!  Used 2 of the Free Alexia wyb Gortons Publix coupons AND 2 $1/1 Alexia from 1/19 SS insert.

At the register I used $5/$50 Star Market coupon and my total was $3.32, or $7.18 after tax, saving $85.28.

For my family and the homeless this week I spent almost $50.00, and I am completely stocked on tissue and ketchup and I have about enough laundry detergent for a month.  It was a good week.

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