Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Walmart Steals??

I did the dreaded, horrible thing today and went to Walmart.  Every single time I go it seems like the cashier doesn't want to take the coupons OR they are completely out of stock.  Either way it is typically a hassle.  Today however, I braved the unthinkable because the Money-makers were too much to pass up and I needed another gallon of milk.  A huge thank you to GSFFatTheMart for the heads up!

6 HYDROXYCUT Protein Shakes - Sales Price $3.98.  My Price $6.12 MM!  Used 6 $5/1 HYDROXYCUT from 2/2 SS insert.

3 Tena Pads - Sales Price $4.97.  My Price FREE.  Used $5/1 Tena from 1/5 SS insert.

1 Milk - Sales Price $3.38.  No coupons used.

I also bought $3.08 in other items for my family, leaving my total $.31 or $2.73 after tax!

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