Sunday, March 16, 2014

End of Week Totals - Week 32

This was actually a pretty difficult week food-wise.  Personal care items came by easily, but I was very, very concerned about how much food we would have.  Thankfully at the last minute there were a ton of protein bars donated, so that helped a lot.  It was really nice this past Saturday "kicking it old school" meaning that it was basically just me handing out all the food for the week, while all the other volunteers handled clothing and hot food.  Unfortunately with all the new folks that have popped up in tent city, there wasn't nearly enough deodorant or toothbrushes as these people basically have nothing.  It was truly awesome to be able to help these poor folks out in some tiny way at least.

This was my donation:

At Publix:
20 Mahatma Rice - Sales Price $.69 each.  I paid $.63 for 2, or $6.30 for all 20.  Used 10 of the $.75/2 Mahatma Rice from 1/27 RP insert.

8 Speed Stick - Sales Price $2.15 BOGO.  I paid $.15 for 2, or $.60 for all 8.  Used 8 of the $1/1 Speed Stick from 3/9 SS insert.

2 HALLS - Sales Price $1.45 BOGO.  I paid $.45.  I used $1/2 HALLS blinkie.

1 BIC Silky Razors - Sales Price $3.29.  I paid FREE.  I used $3/1 BIC from 3/9 SS insert AND 1 $2/1 Any Shaving Product Kroger mailer coupon.

2 Dole Pineapple - Sales Price 4/$3.  I paid $.50 for 2.  Used 1 of the $.50/2 Dole canned fruit (which doubled to $1).

At WalMart:
9 BIC Disposable Razors - Sales Price $2.68.  I paid FREE.  I used 9 of the $3/1 BIC disposable from 3/9 SS insert.

At Kroger:
5 Reach Toothbrush - Sales Price $1.00.  I paid FREE.  I used 5 of the $1/1 Reach from 1/26 SS insert.

At Dollar Tree:
11 Wolf Chili - Price was $1.00.  I paid $.45 each.  I used 11 of the $.55/1 Wolf Chili Blinkie coupons I had gotten from Kroger and Publix!

I very selfishly used all of my overages this week to buy perennials and milk.  I don't know what to say other than I have a serious case of spring fever!

Totals for the Week

My Cost:  $12.80
Products:  $68.76

***Splitting in half from a previous donation to continue with my goal***

Running Tally - End of Week 32

My Cost:  $159.18
Products:  $800.65

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