Thursday, January 9, 2014

Week 23 - CVS Trip

I had thought this week I would be picking up more Progresso soup from Publix yesterday, but as the bitter cold set in I became more and more worried about our homeless friends. So I abandoned my shopping time in order to join some other folks and help feed chili and coffee to our homeless friends and just make sure everyone was doing OK.  Thank goodness we are finally warming up today!  That being said, after a little research and the help of, I was able to broaden my horizons and play at CVS.  I actually really enjoy shopping at the drugstores and think once you get a few ECB or RR going that you can make a killing, BUT I can't always dedicate my ECBs to the homeless (my family needs things too!)  But this week I was in luck. Here's how it went down:

Transaction 1 for the Homeless:

1 Bayer Contour Next EZ Meter - Sales Price $10, My Price $0, BUT received $10 ECB.  Used $10/1 Bayer Contour Portfolio Meter.  Not sure who is going to receive this, but I wanted to build up my ECB.

Transaction 2 for the Homeless:

6 4-Packs SlimFast Shakes - Sales Price 2/$10, My Price $5.00 for all 6.  Used 2 BOGO SlimFast coupons from 1/5 RP insert and 1 $5/2 SlimFast printable AND my $10 ECB from transaction 1.  I received $12 ECB for spending $30 of diet products.  (OK, I know that it seems a little funny to hand out diet shakes to homeless folks BUT they do have protein and lots of vitamins!)

Transaction 3 for Myself, My Children, and My Sanity:  (I had my personal $10 ECB from last week)

3 MET-RX minis - Sales Price $.99 each, My Price .99 for all 3.  Used $2/3 Met-RX bars (no longer available?) AND received $1 ECB.

1 Sundown Naturals Adult Gummies - Sales Price $7, My Price $5.00.  I used $2/1 Sundown Gummies from 1/5 RP insert AND received $4 ECB.

1 PediaCare Fever Reducer - Sales Price $5.99, My Price $4.99.  I used $1/1 PediaCare from 1/5 SS insert AND received $5 ECB.

2 BIC Soleil Disposable Razors - Sales Price $6.99 each.  My Price $2.99.  I used 1 BOGO BIC disposable from 1/5 SS insert AND $4 off $10 razors from CVS red coupon machine AND received $2 ECB.

3 M&Ms - Sales Price $.75 each.  My Price $.75 for all 3.  I used 1 Free M&M or Snickers from CVS red coupon machine AND 1 B2G1 Mars Chocolate.  These are not pictured because this is what I considered Hush Money well spent after switching my 4-year old twins for the 10th time around in the cart AND untangling my 6-year olds hair from somehow getting tangled up in the handle of the cart??  It worked too for those last few least I was prepared with candy coupons this time!

1 Swanson Stock - $3.39 No coupons used.  We were NOT going to make it in and out of another store for cheaper stock!!! Not pictured either - I needed it!!!

1 Package Christmas Tags - $.29.

After the coupons and my $10 ECB my total was $8.38 BUT I received $11.99 in ECB for myself, and I have $12 ECB to spend for the homeless.  Overall, I'm sure I could have prepared more, not picked up the extras, etc. etc., but I'm going to call it a successful trip!

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